Check out our top reasons why you should volunteer in Ghana.


1. Authentic Experience

Not many people know much about Ghana, but this is one of the most vibrant and welcoming countries on the African continent.

This country is off the beaten track and less popular than other countries in Africa but this does't make it any worse, if anything the lesser the tourists the more ideal a destination it is.

If you volunteer in Ghana you can expect a beautiful country full of natural beauty with some of the friendliest people in the world. You might want to coincide a trip with the Asafotufiam festival which is a full of colour and life. 


2. Friendly People

Ghana people

There is also no doubt that local people love visitors and you will find that they are some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet, their culture is a fascinating blend of traditional and modern.

We would be surprised if you didn't make many friends during your time here and find it hard to say goodbye at the end of your stay!

You will really enjoy the experience even though it will be totally different to probably any destination you have ever been to before. You will also get to meet other international volunteers from all around the world and make friends for life.


3. Choice of Projects

Ghana childcare volunteer

There are so many volunteering programs available all year round, popular options include helping communities, teaching, joining building and contruction initiatives, internships, helping in schools, working in hospitals or helping wildlife. Most projects can be joined for short and long periods and some do not require any previous experience. 

"I spent a memorabe year on my gap year in Ghana helping community programs with Project Trust. This year away allowed me to experience a new way of life and get to know local people. Sometimes it was tough, for example having homesickness but you will really love this experience" - Amy, UK


4. Cheap Destination

Ghana teaching volunteers

When researching volunteer programs in Africa you might have noticed that this can be an expensive experience when you take into account flights, accommodation and sometimes a program fee.

But the cost of a program in Ghana can be a fraction of the cost of going to help in more popular destinations for example volunteering in South Africa.

Ghana is less touristy and the cost of living and prices for food, entertainment and sightseeing are a lot cheaper than other countries on the continent.


5. See Amazing Places

There are countless places to visit and things you can do in Ghana, from relaxing on beaches to going hiking.

Highlights include Lake Volta (the biggest man-made lake in Africa), the historical slave castles of Cape Coast and Elmina, see elephants at the Mole National Park or spot tropical birds in the rainforest canopy at Kakum National Park.

The Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, The Bui National Park, the Kakum National Park, Accra’s Handicraft market, Cocoloco Beach and the UNESCO World heritage castles - Elmina castle, St Jago castle and Cape coast castle are also recommended.

All these places can be seen on a Ghana tour or arranged once in country with your organisation.


Volunteering in Ghana is a special experience where you will create amazing memories. If this experience appeals to you search projects on our website and apply today.


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