How to Volunteer in Morocco

Volunteer Morocco

If the idea of giving back in Morocco and being more than just a tourist appeals to you our guide will help you arrange a placement. There are different cities, landscapes and food to experience in Morocco and you can work with a charity, volunteer organisation or local NGO to help communities. 

Some organisations give people the opportunity to leave their mark on the world through helping local people in Morocco. In turn, they are able to invest towards a social purpose, enabling projects and communities to evolve and develop.

Some organisations are run as a social enterprise with a mission to inspire people to recognise their potential both at home, within their local community and in a wider, international context; empower them to achieve this and to evolve locally established projects and services to meet the needs of their communities. 

Combo experiences are also available that combine adventure and cultural activities like surfing or yoga whilst volunteering at community projects along the way.

These trips enable volunteers to get involved in rural community life therefore leaving Morocco with a real sense of the country, culture and people. Each trip includes a variety of volunteer work at different projects including agricultural projects, education based and community development. 


Top Reasons to Help

  • This country is unlike many places in the world
  • The culture and people are unique - you will learn a lot from working here
  • Morocco attacts volunteer workers from all over the world - this is a great cultural experience
  • There is lots to do in your spare time
  • You might like to mix the experience and sign up for Arabic and French language classes.


Location of Projects

Volunteer programs are located throughout the country in built up cities to rural areas:

  • Marrakesh: The most famous destination for any break in Morocco, you can explore the souks, buy some goods or relax in one of the cafes - volunteering in Marrakesh is one of the most popular destinations
  • Fes: An underrated place and the third biggest city in Morocco
  • Meknes: A pleasant city in the North of the country 
  • Chefchaouen: A really scenic place with a relaxed atmosphere
  • Essaouira: Located on the Atlantic coast this small destination which looks very French (it was designed by a Frenchman)
  • Merzouga: Experience a rural location very close to the spectacular Sahara desert, the sky at night is amazingly clear
  • Rabat: A popular location with lots of internationals, a lot of people can converse in English here
  • Nomad Projects: You could work in places like the spectacular Atlas Mountains 

Some placements can be rustic and so if you are used to your home comforts and want a more Western experience you might want to go a little further North and volunteer in Spain.


Community Development

Around 15% of the population of Morocco live in poverty and rural communities are often the ones most in need and often don't get access to heatlhcare. There are placements for nurses, doctors and general assistants where you can work alongside local staff in outreach teams and clinics.

Tasks can include helping with check ups and offering general assistance to patients. You could also work by helping train new staff or going into communities and schools and informing people about nutrition and healthy foods to eat. 

There is also a need for people to help promote conservation, recycling and sustainable living programs.

You could also apply to teach in Morocco, lots of schools and outreach centres hire international participants to help educational projects.


Womens Rights

Morocco is a very tradition country, and like many places in Africa women are often seen as second class behind men. Women are often put of the fringes of society and there is a need to fill the gender divide and help women into education and employment.

Over the past decade a lot of work has been done by charities and international organisations to help teach women new skills and offer an opportunity to do more with their lives. You can help train women with new skills - very rewarding.



Volunteers can choose to stay in host families or to stay together in a school or a house or youth house. Staying in host families gives volunteers the opportunity to explore the Moroccan culture from the inside and to establish a friendly relationship with the Moroccan people.

Working hours:
This can depend on which project you join but usually you will work for around 5 hours per day and get two days off per week. You will need to be adaptable and flexible as no two days can be the same.

Most organisations will require you to be aged 18 and over. Sometimes you might be working in hot and humid conditions so be prepared for this and pack light. Most volunteers arrive from the UK, USA, France and Spain but all nationalities are welcome to apply. If you are from the UK or U.S.A. you will NOT need a get a visa before departing to volunteer in Morocco, on arrival you will be granted a tourist visa where you can stay for up to 90 days. 

For those who are interested in Arabic language, organizations can arrange Morrocan Arabic courses for beginners. Some options include 2 hour Arabic courses a day excluding the weekends. The cost of an Arabic classes varies.

Do I need experience to participate?
Experience usually isn't required to participate but this depends on the project.

How many volunteer will be in a project?
Between 10 and 20 volunteers will participate in every project. There will also usually be 1 or 2 coordinators.

How many hours i will spend working?
For most projects volunteers spend 3 to 4 hours working from Monday to Friday. Depending from the project, volunteers will need some time per day preparing before you start working, this will be done mostly in a meeting group.

Will I have free time for myself?
Outside work time you are free, this means you can do activities with other members in the group or you do your things alone.

Are there activities to do outside work time?
There is a lot to do in group like going to a swimming pool, a Hamam or a souk but you can also do things alone like have a siesta or go on the internet. On the weekends weekend excursions are usually organised.

I don’t speak Arabic is it a problem for communication?
Most people in Morocco know some French already but almost no English before the age of 13. Volunteers don't communication a problem and usually Moroccan volunteers will be in every group to help translate.

Is there Internet, phone, electricity...?
Electricity is available and your mobile will work normally in Morocco. There is also internet everywhere in Morocco.

You will usually be served Moroccan dishes, if you are vegetarian you will have to mention it. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are usually included but this depends on the organisation.

Do I need vaccinations for Morocco?
There is no vaccination obliged to enter Morocco, however, if you have any health problems please contact your doctor before.

Is Morocco safe?
Travelling in Morocco is safe and practical; you can easily take small taxies (cheap) to go from places in the city and buses or big taxies between cities. 

Do we travel on weekends?
On the weekends most organisations will organise weekend excursions to see places like the desert of Merzouga, the high gorges of Todgha and Dades if your project is in the region of Errachidia or Ouarzazate. If your project is not in Errachidia or Ouarzazate you will travel to the closest attractions.

Where can I get Moroccan Dirham’s?
The Moroccon currency is Dirham, 1 Euro = about 11 Dirham, 1 Dollar = about 7,5 Dirham, 1 Pound = about 15 Dirhams. You can use your bank card in cash machines in Morocco, as long as you have Maestro, Visa or Mastercard. However you can also change bills from your currency to Dirham’s in every bank in Morocco.


Volunteer in Morocco for Free 

If can be difficult to find free volunteer opportunities in Morocco because even small NGO's and charities will ask for a donation, or for you to cover the price of your accommodation and food.

If you want to save money try to eat local food and avoid places set up for tourists, you will get food and drink for a fraction of the price if you go a little off the main squares too. Alcohol can be expensive and always try to barter for goods, this will be a challenge!


How to Apply

You will usually be required to stay for a minimum of 1 week and you can apply all year round. There is no best time to apply but booking easy is recommended especially if you would like to join during summer.

The fee can depend on the program you select, most options come part of a package which includes placements, in-country support with an English speaking coordinator, airport pick-up/transfers, housing and meals. If you need any help arranging a volunteer placement in Morocco please get in touch.

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