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Project Trust has been organising long term voluntary placements in Africa, Asia and Latin America for young people since 1967, making us the most experienced educational charity specialising in overseas volunteering for school-leavers.

Project Trust are the original gap year charity and has been organising long term voluntary placements in Africa, Asia and Latin America for young people since 1967, making us the most experienced educational charity specialising in overseas volunteering for school-leavers.

From our home on the Hebridean Isle of Coll, we annually select around 300 young people from across the UK for 8 – 12 month overseas teaching, social care and outward bound projects. Working with partners overseas, these projects are carefully chosen to ensure the Volunteers’ skills can be put to good use in their host communities and do not take work away from local people.

Project Trust provides all Volunteers with training and support before, during and after their time overseas, to maximise both the educational value of their experience and the positive impact they have in their projects and host communities.

Volunteers return home with broadened horizons, increased maturity and an impressive range of transferable skills. Volunteers can now receive an accreditation of a Level 3 Foundation Year in Global Volunteering and Citizenship.

Through Project Trust’s Global Citizenship programme, Volunteers are also encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge within their own communities across the UK.

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Project Trust Reviews

Project Trust is unreliable, untrustworthy and have issues with transparency.

My daughter decided to go abroad with Project Trust for her gap year. While she was abroad there was poor communication with staff and they were late paying her allowance consistently. She would message them and be ignored and would have to remind them that they were late in paying her allowance. An allowance, I would like to add, that she funded herself. The evacuation process due to the pandemic reflected this disorganisation and lack of communication. She did not feel like she was being taken care of whatsoever during her time abroad.

To travel abroad she had to make £5,500. She did this through working full-time in retail believing that in the end it would be worth it as she would have an amazing experience abroad. I also funded the trip and a small amount was donated. Logically you would expect Project Trust to refund the money as the trip was cut short from 8 months to just 3 months and they would have spent this money on her regardless. Money that she made and trusted them to spend on her - for accommodation, flights, insurance etc. However they refused to refund the money, stating that their handbook says money cannot be refunded except under specific circumstances. They did refund money that came from her own pocket though before she travelled when a grant came through. They made a distinction between money made from her own hard work and money donated or fundraised and created ambiguity about refunds.

It's a shame to see how volunteers can be taken advantage like this by a charity dedicated to the education of young people. If you are looking to travel abroad for your gap year I would advise you to steer clear of this organisation and find one that actually has you or your child's best interest at heart and actually cares about treating their volunteers fairly. They are unreliable, untrustworthy and have issues with transparency.

By: Mohamed Rashwan
Nationality: British
Age: 0

Best year of my life

Project Trust is amazing in its support of young people wanting to travel and do meaningful work. I will never forget the amazing experiences I had, the training and support provided by Project Trust. If you want to travel before university, there is no comparison.

By: Hannah
Nationality: British
Age: 0

A year to remember

Overall I had an amazing year that I don't regret at all....we had a few issues with the project we got sent to at first so I would advise people going to make sure you really ask lots of questions about the different projects on selection before choosing one but there are always unforseable problems and it's one of the experiences that will help you gain skills for later life ...but when we had problems with our visa project trust were amazing they paid for us to move countries for the final part of our year and I had the most amazing time!
I met some brilliant people I got paired with people that will be life long friends....this doesn't happen to everyone so just be ready for that, you can make the year whatever you want it to be it doesn't matter who your partner is!

By: Emily Senior
Nationality: British
Age: 22

Volunteering in the Dominican Republic

I volunteered for Project Trust in 2014/15 in the Dominican Republic teaching English to children aged 8 - 18. This experience was probably the steepest learning curve I have ever and will ever encounter... I had an absolute blast!
From applying online, mere hours after having heard a promotional talk at my sixth form college, selection, fundraising, training, the overseas placement and finally to debriefing (a whole two years later at this point) I knew at the the time and even more so upon reflection that it was the BEST decision I ever made.
The charity is so worthwhile, giving hundreds of teens incredible opportunities each year, and in turn, helping thousands of people worldwide in schools, colleges orphanages, hospitals, churches and community centres.
Having the guidance and support from Project Trust to complete the fundraising and volunteer overseas, knowing that you are making a difference, in countries where even the smallest act of kindness goes such a long way, not only helps the communities in which you are working, but also allows you to grow as a person and form vital opinions of the world, its economy and 'how the other half live'. It's an eye opener, a realisation and an awakening that I feel is so crucially important for today's society, wherever you come from or whatever your upbringing, and of course, for that of future generations.
Do something amazing... volunteer with Project Trust!

By: Lucy Baker
Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 21

My year in Malaysia

Had the best year of my life, just after college working for the outdoor adventure education charity Outward Bound in Malaysia. Made me the person I am today. Not just another gap year travel company Project Trust is committed to the development of young people and dedicated to supporting said individuals in terms of its volunteers and the local beneficiaries of its projects. If you want to contribute and make a difference whilst being immersed in a completely new culture Project trust maybe the gap year charity for you.

By: Ruari Bonehill
Nationality: British
Age: 25


The initial idea of Project Trust is great, a year abroad teaching all of that is good however if you are unlucky enough for something to go wrong Project Trust does not have enjoy staff or ability to handle situations like a proper business. Though they say they will treat you as an adult they continue to believe any issue you have is like a child’s tantrum rather than a teacher having actual work issues with colleagues or what ever your issue is.

Businesses usually will have a 3rd party present when discussing important matter however you are left speaking one to one. However trying not to offend or get yourself into the wrong side of them you attempt to stay professional however this is tough as ya volunteers are only 17-19 years old. Don’t get me wrong the teaching is amazing, our schools can be great but Project trust as an organisation needs a lot of work. I am with them at the moment and have had a 3 month battle with them and they have pulled it out so long and victim blamed that it cause a lot of stress. We understand they are not in the country but that’s why we have country reps and we have safety procedures put in place for everything.

So beware. You could have an amazing year but if they pick the wrong person to pair you with I wish you luck. I would still recommend people to try this but if something goes wrong be blunt with them rather than stepping on eggshells, get evidence whether it be videos or pictures. Make sure you have witnesses etc to what happens and make sure to keep an eye on your own life because Pt won’t be there for you. They might say they are but it does not feel like they are once you are here.

By: Isabell Holliday
Nationality: British
Age: 18

Volunteer in China

Overall I had a wonderful, life changing year in china with Project trust. It's not easy by any means, from the fundraising to actually getting out there for the year. However if you are determined and ambitious you will make it work. My year in china is one I will never forget, I met so many people who I am still close friends with 3 years on and did so many things I thought I could never do. My year had its ups and downs and a few issues here and there, but overall i would definitely recommend this company to use as they provide the necessary support for you, especially going over seas at such a young age.

By: Laura Healy
Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 20

An amazing year in Ghana

An unforgettable year filled with so much love and hard work. I definitely felt the year was needed as it let me get settled in a new way of life and get to know my host community more in depth. There are absolutely hard points - missing home, struggling with work and new customs - but you overcome them and love them through out your experience. You get to immerse yourself and become a part of a community and understand a new culture in a personal way that really is impacting.
The only warning I would give is money, fundraising is hard work and then there are 'hidden costs' like visas and vaccinations that seem sprung on at the last minute. Then travelling you have to save up for yourself but some countries are hugely more expensive than others. There are also chances to travel but every project is different (some countries get several months to travel where others only get a few weeks). If you want to challenge yourself just do it. For me Ghana was perfect and inexpensive so I could enjoy travelling without money worries.
Last piece is your year is what you make it, if you don't make an effort to get involved then you can never fully enjoy this year so if you go for it, give it your all.

By: Amy
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 18

It'll be the making of you

I volunteered with Project Trust when I was 18 and spent 12 months in a Children's Home in a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. My experience has shaped everything I have done since, and I am still heavily involved with the organisation now. Project Trust not only gave me an incredible overseas experience, but has opened many doors and opportunities for me since. Project Trust are incredibly experienced, supportive and progressive. They rruly are an educational charity - you will learn more about yourself during your year than you knew possible. Do it, do it, do it!

By: Eilidh Quinn
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 25


I can't even begin to explain how amazing Project Trust is! Spending a year volunteering in another country is absolutely life changing and eye opening and doing it with Project Trust just makes it even more of an experience. Project Trust allow you to spend 12 months completely immersed in a culture completely different to your own, becoming a part of the community and developing not only the communities education but also your own. I've been volunteering in India for nearly 2 months now and already I've been challenged, amazed and experienced things I never thought I would. Project Trust is challenging, yes, but it's so so so worth it. The support system is unreal, you're not just going off on your own straight out of school, you're becoming a part of something with new friends around you.

I couldn't recommend it more, my time here has already changed my life and will continue to do so. If you're unsure, don't be, just go for it!

By: Romany
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 18

Sri Krishna Sai public school - India

Taking a year out - if you don't know what you want to do once you leave highschool - is a great decision. If you choose to spend that year helping others, while simultaneously building your confidence, independence, resilience and cultural awareness, then Project Trust is the place for you!
Me and my partner are in India right now, facing challenges and rising above them! Going to another country through PT is a unique and extraordinary experience - you would not feel the full impact or lifestyle of the locals if you were to simply to go on holiday.
Our eyes have been opened to so many new things, that sometimes, we can't believe what we are seeing!
It has only been two months and we can already see a significant change to ourselves and when we come home, we will be better and stronger than before we left!
Project Trust is a once in a lifetime experience - I could not recommended something more, than I do this!

By: Luana McAtear
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 17

Project Trust in China

It's safe to say my year away with project trust changed my life. I met people that I'm still friends with 3 years on and expect to be for life, I encountered new things and experiences a culture which is unlike anything I had done before. However I do believe that I had a pretty easy time, I'm not particularly fazed by a lot but there were a lot of issues when you are abroad that you'll have to deal with yourself. Project trust claims to support you but from mine and my sisters experience they do very little to contact or help you once you're out there. That said this was great for encouraging independence.
All in all I had a pretty great year which I wouldn't change for anything. However a lot of people I have spoken to (either in my country, or other volunteer countries) have horror stories and really bad experiences from their year.

By: Harrison
Nationality: British
Age: 21

Project trust Thailand vol

My year in Thailand was amazing and I wish I could re live the experience over again. Project trust ask you to raise a staggering amount of money plus additional fees as well, the support from the staff once you are overseas is terrible and the communication is not well organised, I find it hard to see exactly where my money went as the school I was volunteering at paid for everything whilst I was living in Thailand. Great experience but don’t expect too much from Project Trust themselves.

By: Bethany Petela
Nationality: British
Age: 19

Project Trust in India

The year I spent volunteering with Project Trust in India was honestly one of the best years of my life so far- I miss India and LVPEI every day, especially all the lovely people I was blessed enough to meet and get to know. Teaching everyday meant my confidence and public speaking skills improved so much, which I'll always be thankful for. I did so much in India I'd never have done otherwise, it challenged me to be better and take advantage of every opportunity. The whole PT process is excellent, from selection to training and fundraising to going overseas and then debriefing. There was never a point where I felt project trust didn't have my back- there was always someone (or multiple people) waiting to help if you needed them. You get to go away with a partner, which is amazing - not having that person around is one of the hardest parts of being home again because you come to rely on them so much. So stop reading reviews and just DO IT! :) Sign up and I promise you're about to have an amazingly fufilling, life changing year.

By: Anne Timmons
Nationality: British
Age: 19

Just do it!

Apply and try it, I'm a volunteer in Japan 2017-18, and it is an amazing experience. The people you meet are lovely and you always have support from people around you and the charity.
During selection Project trust makes sure that you are fit and able to go and during training gives you the nessesary information to teach or do social care.
I have been able to try different activities, foods, meet loads of people and even forget my own name haha, (my nickname in Japan is Igii rather than Isi)
Of course this is just my opinion but it is rare to meet a volunteer who hated their time with project trust. This year is great as it gave me time to see if I wanted to teach English and live in Japan and also help me decide what I want to study and university :)

By: Isabell Holliday
Nationality: British
Age: 18

A year in Guyana

My time spent in Guyana was the greatest year of my life. I met amazing people, did amazing things and learned so much about the world. Whilst it was not all singing and dancing (being in a remote location for a year is tough), I am a stronger person for it.

I always loved the idea of a gap year but Project Trust really makes it special, you have to fundraise for your year, which isn't easy. You know you make a difference when your there so not only have you got amazing stories to tell at the end of it, you also have some amazing things to add to your CV.

10/10 would recommend, I just wish I could do it again myself!

By: Campbell Wolfe
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 19

Project in Devnar School for the Blind, India

I couldn't imagine a more worthwhile way of spending a year of my life than volunteering for such an incredible charity and school!
Thanks to project trust I have made so many incredible friends and I have the support and knowledge needed to teach.
I'm already one month in and have completely immersed myself in the culture here in Hyderabad and feel so proud of myself for having the courage to do this!
Couldn't recommend anythjng more.
My blog is
My Instagram is: rachelboyd_x
If you're unsure on whether to volunteer with Project Trust, don't be, do it, do it, do it!

By: Rachel
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 17

Project Trust Volunteer 17 - 18

Are a good organisation however you raise a LOT of money and get no where near enough money when you are in your chosen country and you don’t receive enough support.

By: Kirsty Pattison
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 19

Project Trust China Review

I am currently a volunteer with Project Trust living in China and I can already say that spending a year away with Project Trust is one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences you could ever do. It's already taken me to so many new places that I would have never had the chance to go to. I've also met so many amazing people and learnt so much about myself and the community I live in. Already I've begun to develop skills and experiences that will continue to benefit me well into the future. If you're ready to push yourself and begin the adventure of a life time I would definitely recommend applying for Project Trust.

By: Rachael Hare
Nationality: British
Age: 18

Project Trust in Malaysia

Project Trust is one of the best things to do after Secondary School! Im doing it right now in Malaysia, teaching English, and I am loving every momet of it!

If you want to do something different after High School, something that will really make an impact, not just on those you help, but also on yourself, then I would definately recommend applying for Project Trust! Best possible Gap Year!

By: Alexander Krabbendam
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 18

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