So, before embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, check out these tips that will help you stay safe, comfy and enjoy the road trip of a lifetime.


1. Choose the Right RV

There are so many different makes and models of RV's, so choosing the right one is important. There are some things to consider when buying an RV, like are you going to be travelling solo, with just a partner or with your family.

There are several different options available and don't be put off thinking you can't find a comfortable RV for a cheap price, if you buy second hand or get a discounted rate there are lots of amazing deals to be had.


2. Decide on an Amazing Destination

Knowing where you are going and having a destination or trip in mind can really help you plan a structure the perfect trip. Try to work out how long you want to be away for and where you want to go and what type of experience you are hoping to achieve.

There are so many places you could go, in the US you might want to check out the best National Parks or go off the beaten track.


3. Ensure Everyone Has Space

While you might be traveling with your most favorite people of all times, when you’re bumping heads and stepping on each other’s toes all day long, it’s difficult to get along. But, with a bit of planning, you can avoid any fights or animosities that might ensue on a long trip.

This means visiting camping grounds, where you can install one (or more) tents so you can sleep separately. Also, a campfire will help elevate the mood from time to time, so pack accordingly.

Another way to give each other space (especially if you’re traveling with the family) is to plan day hikes or trips to local touristic attractions where one of the parents takes the kids and the other one stays behind to enjoy some solo time.

Overall, as long as you respect each other space (as limited as it is), you should be fine!


4. Focus on Comfort

Limited space should not come with limited comfort! Modern RVs have lots of cool features that can make you feel almost like home. For instance, sleeping in an RV should not be crammed and tights – all you need is the perfect bed for your RV and you will enjoy some amazing nights!

Also, the chairs, the seats, and other surfaces should be well padded and ventilated to keep everyone’s bums happy.


5. Be Prepared

Whether you’re RV-ing with the family or you’re just with the partner, the word of the day is preparedness. Study ahead for some fun tip ideas with the family so the kids won’t get bored and winy from day two, but also make sure to listen to their wishes. If you’re just with the partner, you can relax a little bit, but it’s still important to find interesting ways to keep the trip alive.


6. Stay Connected

Even if you think that social media is just for kids, it can be useful for you too (especially when RV-ing). For instance, there are special Facebook groups where you can talk with other RV travelers and learn from their experiences.

For instance, in one of these groups, I got lots of tips on local touristic attractions that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Also, Instagram is a great way to let the ones back home where you are and what you’re doing.


7. Always Stay Safe

The excitement of a house that goes with you wherever you go wears off fast if you get robbed or something happens to the car. So, before leaving, try to anticipate anything that could go wrong. Start by learning how the RV works, how to change a tire, how to get in touch with a mechanic, and so on.

Also, go online and read about the places you’re about to visit. Some location may need special safety considerations while others may be a lot more welcoming. Regardless, all locations have both pros and cons, so you shouldn’t be afraid to visit. Just keep your eyes opened and stay safe.


8. Enjoy and Relax

When everything is set and you’re ready for your big journey, leave the stress behind! Have fun on the road, take a lot of pictures, and try to forget that there are other pleasures in the world besides traveling!