The Full Moon Party Pack was born after our 10 Day Full Moon experience basically got so popular that we ran out of space, so… we decided to make the 5-day Full Moon Party its own package, this way we can open more spaces and make a real party of it.

In Tru style. This package gives you an intro to Koh Phangan as well as allowing you to experience the world-famous Full Moon Party in the best way possible. With TruTravels. Don’t just come to this beautiful island for one night, get drunk, pass out and leave like 99% of the young people who visit.

Enjoy boat trips, beaches, sunset bars, new friends, a giant obstacle course on water, beer, buckets, the biggest beach party in the world and of course, more fun than you can shake a glow stick at. Maximum adventure, minimum hassle.



Day 1
Pier Pick Up

Day 2
Island Boat Trip

Day 3
Island Road Trip & Full Moon Party

Day 4
Rest & Recover

Day 5
Chilled Check Out