Yet the inspiring people of Uganda have had faith floating on the water for 24 years and it’s still swimming.

In 1990 the Busoga Trust and Comic Relief constructed a water pump in Uganda: back then Lenny Henry was on the ground, now decades later, he’s not there but the pump hasn’t checked into a Premier Inn either. Incredibly the very same pump still provides water to the same area and gives locals a foot up in life.

The Busoga Trust provides sustainable access to safe water, improved sanitation and comprehensive hygiene & health education to the communities in rural Uganda, in their project to supply water all over rural Uganda. The trust has been in working in Uganda for 30 years and during that time has built over 2000 water sources.

The local people do not have the financial resources with which to undertake such a project, so the microfund is vital for the success of this volunteer project. These wells are vital for the wellbeing of these rural communities. Without access to safe drinking water, people are forced to drink whatever water they can find, which often results in serious illness. 

Inspired Challenge, a brand new startup, runs two adventurous challenges which give the unique chance to interact with phenomenal Busoga project. Living, sleeping and immersing yourself in the Ugandan peoples climate whether it be through a water safari or a mountain trek will give an insight so unique it may be the first consumer experience like this.

And when you begin inspiring people, their interaction with the locals is more real. This real, personal chance to communicate with Ugandans helped by the project, influences the locals in such a way that hopefully, their attitudes towards their own people will pacify.

Clean running water in a community allows the children to live healthily, start educating themselves and build their lives which grants the adults time for jobs, and providing for their families.

The people can focus on life and not on the war that plague’s that region of Africa. Water subdues the aggression that keeps Uganda in turmoil and conflict. No doubt just providing water to a region will not stop the mass-murder in Uganda between rival tribes. 96 were killed this July in rival tribe clashes close to the border with the Congo, tensions remain, they always will.

But the more and more we allow communities to worry less about their water situation the greater chance we have of the communities focusing on positive projects they can use to improve their lives.

To embark on an Inspired Challenge a large amount of money must be fundraised keeping this charitable from the offset, connecting even those at home to the project.

Yet with their online crowd funding page it could not be easier. People can login in from Facebook and the money towards a mates challenge can be given in as large or as little as you want. Both challenges to Uganda have 3 days of project work and bring their own unique experience to an adventurer.

One taking you to the home of Mountain Gorilla’s, the other; will dumbfound you with awe at some most beautiful waterfall systems on earths. No longer is this a mission to volunteer in Africa and seek a new experience from a holiday, it’s an attempt to make a change so bold, life-changer will be added to your profile.

If this sounds the type of experience you would like to get involved with and help please view our volunteer programs in Uganda.


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