Why the Need for Assistance

  • Population: 46.2 million 
  • Life expectancy at birth: 58 years 
  • Adult literacy rate: 73% 
  • Access to improved water source: 53% 
  • GDP per capita: US$532
  • Infant mortality rate: 50 per 1,000 live births 
  • Maternal mortality rate: 450 per 100,000 live births

Source: World Bank


Top Reasons to Apply

  • There are so many projects to choose from, this country has more opportunities than most countries on this continent
  • Despite modern cities and advancing tourism this country is still very poor and there is a real need for help on the ground
  • Do something rewarding and be more than just a tourist - perfect if you are looking to spend a gap year in Tanzania
  • Meet friendly participants from all over the world
  • Get memories to last forever!


Location of Projects

Programs are located throughout the country, most can be joined in Dar es Salem, Dodoma and Arusha. There are also development projects in Mikindani in the South of the country. If you would like to experience one of the most spectacular places in Africa you might like to view our volunteer programs in Zanzibar.


Medical & Healthcare Volunteer Programs in Tanzania

Most of Tanzania lack resources and hospitals and community centres are under-staffed. On HIV / AIDS projects in Tanzania you can assist with medicine and teaching the local population about the importance of using condoms. Some placements you will be working directly with people affected with illness and disease like thyphoid, malaria and hepatatis or on awareness campaigns in rural locations. If you are looking for a rewarding time you could help HIV/AIDS prevention and counseling programs which aim to prevent further transmission through education.


Community Volunteer Programs in Tanzania

Tanzania is a very safe and politically stable destination but a lot of the population live below the poverty line. You can join construction and building volunteer programs in Tanzania, there are prjects being run year round with international aid agencies and local charities in towns and villages. You do not need any previous constructions skills to join these types of projects and they are a great bonding experience with other participants - you will also get to leave a lasting legacy.

There are lots of small NGO's located in Moshi with the aim to empower women via education and entrepreneurship. Some organisations run small business vocational school primarily for adult women offering free 6 month courses in English, Business and Computers and upon graduation we try to help 3 to 5 of our mamas start their own business. You will get to visit students in their home, meet their family, chat... it makes for a wonderful cultural exchange between students and volunteers.

Most NGO's are run solely by volunteers and 100% of the volunteer fees goes to support students and their businesses. This is a how women can get free education and secure a better future for themselves and their children. Detailed lesson plans are provided so no prior experience is necessary and all volunteers are welcome. 


Volunteer with Animals in Tanzania

Tanzania dedicates more of its landmass to conservation than any other country in Africa. An impressive 25 per cent of the country is protected as National Park, Game Reserve or Game Controlled Area providing refuge for some of the largest, wildest and most concentrated population of wildlife on the planet. There are wildlife conservation projects in National Parks and Nature Reserves where you can work with exotic animals.

Wildlife roles give you the chance to get up close and personal with animals you might have only ever seen on tv, you could be helping with animal identification, tracking and behaviour. As a research assistant you could be collecting wildlife samples from traps, helping identify species, radio-tracking lions, or even observing the behaviour of contracepted elephants. If you have an interest in environmental issues there are nature placements available allowing you to live in spectacular settings.


Volunteer Teaching Programs in Tanzania

When teaching in Tanzanua, your primary and main role will be to teach English to the kids. You might be encouraged extracurricular activities which usually prove extremely popular at schools, in particular sports and activities to raise awareness of environmental issues in relation to the communities.

Some schools also double as the children homes enabling you to spend time with the kids at home and helping out with the daily activities in their care homes. This is a good time to use your initiative and create games and activities to play with the children and get them to interact much more with you. You will also be able to try your hand at a bit of cooking, these children are amazing and it's not uncommon for participants to find themselves getting withdrawal symptoms when they leave the project at weekends. 

There are a wide range of activities for volunteers to participate in whilst at schools in places like Mombasa. You could be taking part teaching various subjects including mathematics, science, physical education, arts and crafts.


How to Apply

You can browse our volunteer opportunities in Tanzania today, most placements can be joined every month and you can also register your interest if you are looking to volunteer in the future. The programs we have listed are open to most nationalities as long you will be able to secure a tourist visa. Please note to participate some organisations will require you to be aged 18 and over.

Some skilled placements like medical programs will require formal training / education but most are open to everyone even if you don't have any previous skills. You will need to be adaptable to new surroundings and be in good health. If you need any help arranging a volunteer placement in Tanzania please get in touch.


Volunteer in Tanzania for Free

There are free and cheap volunteer programs available to join but you will need to be independent and plan the trip yourself. To get a free / low cost placement you will need to apply in advance via the internet to charities or local NGO's who recruit international volunteers - sometimes you will need specific skills to be eligable. 


Tanzania Volunteer Reviews & Testimonials

"I had the opportunity to volunteer with a NGO and teach English in Tanzania for a month in 2011. I was extremely pleased with the experience which included teaching English classes, helping in an after school program for local children, and attended home visits. The program offered a unique opportunity to connect with students thereby allowing students to familarize themselves with the... local culture in a postiive way. Finally, there was given a warm, family like atmosophere in which the volunteers live together, spend their downtime together and take meals as a group. The result is that one always feels comfortable and at home though in most cases they are on the other side of the world from their family and friends. All in all I had a great volunteer experience and would recommend for all those looking to make a positive impact in a beautiful part of the world." - Alexandra Lang, Canada

"All the people in Tanzania are very friendly and I settling into my program very quickly. The heat at times was intense when we're working during the day...particularly since there was snow on the ground when we left England! The camp and village we stayed at was fantastic - everything about Tanzania is different and I enjoyed seeing monkeys and bush-babies at breakfast around the camp. My teams task was to build a vegetable patch for aubergine and passion fruit starting from scrub land. The kids at the local school outside our camp were the best things about the place - there are hundreds of them and all are fluent English virtually and really friendly." - Jane Morwenna Evans