To help make the application process easer we have put together a comparision of the top rated international summer camp agencies including Americamp, Camp America, InterExchange, Camp Leaders, BUNAC, CCUSA, Wild Packs & USA Summer Camp. 


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If you are looking to work in the USA then you can't go wrong applying for a summer camp job in the USA!

This is one of the most fun jobs in the world and perfect if you are a student or someone looking for a summer job abroad. If you are applying from outside of North America you will need to apply with a company who will arrange your visa and paperwork.

Each company essentially provide the same thing - a gateway for you to gain employment in America but there are some key differences between all of them.


How to Choose a US Summer Camp Agency

You can compare all American summer camp companies on our guide below but these are some questions to ask before applying:

  • Is the company reputable
  • Application cost
  • Are flights included
  • Is medical and travel insurance included
  • What is the salary
  • Are the staff friendly
  • Reviews and past participant feedback


Top Rated USA Summer Camp Companies To Apply With


InterExchange logo


InterExchange Camp USA has been placing young adults from around the world at summer camps in the USA for more than 40 years! As a nonprofit organization, they keep their fees low, so you can keep more of the money you earn.

InterExchange maintains a 24-hours hotline should you need help during your program.

Company Founded: 1968



  • The cost of the program is now $150USD. Our fees can be found here -

What's Included

  • Access to our database of summer camp profiles and job opportunities. All offers include a stipend + room and board.
  • J-1 Visa sponsorship and step by step assistance (InterExchange is a designated J-1 Visa sponsor)
  • SEVIS fee and shipping costs 
  • Accident and Sickness insurance
  • Access to cultural events throughout the U.S with other InterExchange participants
  • 24-hour program/emergency support while you are in the United States
  • Special discounts on hostels, event/tickets and flights


A stipend of $1,600USD or more.


What We Like About InterExchange:

  • Low application cost
  • High salaries
  • Independence - you can find your own camp independently
  • Positive InterExchange Reviews.
  • InterExchange also offer more work and travel programs worldwide


Americamp logo


AmeriCamp, we turn your American dream into an exciting reality by not only offering incredible summer jobs at camps in America, but a salary that truly allows you to travel all over the USA.

Company Founded: 2010

Application Cost

  • £299 not including flights

What is Included:

  • Placement at one of the best camps in America
  • All meals covered whilst you work at camp
  • Free accommodation for the duration of your camp placement.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance for the full duration of your camp contract.
  • 24 hour helpline in the USA if you have any problems.
  • Guidance and sponsorship for your J-1 visa and cultural exchange permits, which allows you to work in the US and earn a salary.
  • Flight flexibility and Discounted Flights.
  • The opportunity to travel once you have completed your placement you have the option to travel for 30 days before you return home!
  • Full support throughout the application process.
  • Access to our exclusive New York After Party!


  • $1500 - $1850 depending on age and experience




Camp America logo

Camp America

The most well known name in the summer camp business, Camp America have been operating for over 40 years helping people from all over the world have the best summer of their life.

Camp America recruit people from the UK and elsewhere to work on these camps. Challenge yourself, make new friends, develop your skills and explore a new continent! 

Company Founded: 1969

Application Cost:

  • £599

What's Included:

  • Meet and greet with a Camp America interviewer to discuss why you're applying
  • Placement at one of the hundreds of summer camps we work with
  • Return flights from your home country to New York
  • 1 nights stay at our arrivals hotel (if flying into New York)
  • All food and accommodation for 9 weeks (and in most cases laundry)
  • Comprehensive medical insurance (covering you during and after camp)
  • J-1 visa sponsorship (Camp America are a designated visa sponsor)
  • 30 days travel time (10 weeks if you apply as support staff)
  • Exclusive travel offers
  • Access to training opportunities (including Lifeguarding & Youth Leadership course)
  • Opportunity to attend the biggest recruitment events in the summer camp industry
  • Group 'Orientation' before departure (to prepare for life at summer camp)
  • 24/7 customer support (from local and US-based office)

Salary: Around $600-$1200

What We Like About Camp Leaders:

  • Most famous and well known company
  • Thousands of past staff
  • Flights included and everything arranged for you
  • Accommodation provided on arrival 
  • Positive Camp America reviews.



Other Companies to Consider:




BUNAC have been placing people on work and travel programs for over 50 years with Summer Camp USA on of their most popular options.

Company Founded: 1962

Application Cost:

  • Non-flight package - £269 / Flight package - £499

What is Included:

  • First night's accommodation in the USA
  • Food and accommodation whilst at camp
  • Assistance with securing your J-1 camp counsellor visa
  • US embassy meet and greet service
  • SEVIS - a US Government fee
  • Medical insurance
  • Pre-departure orientation day in the UK to help you get ready for camp life
  • Online training subscription to develop leadership skills and child safety knowledge before camp
  • Access to the Summer Camp Recruitment Fairs 
  • Access to camp facilities during time off
  • Access to exclusive travel discounts with STA Travel


  • Up to $1,600 depending on age and experience

View BUNAC reviews.


Camp Leaders Logo

Camp Leaders

Camp Leaders offer you the opportunity to escape your boredom and live the American dream with a summer job abroad. Unforgettable adventures, friends from around the world and epic road trips. It’s all yours for the taking.

Company Founded: 1999

Application Cost: 

  • £349 without flights and £599 including flights

What's Included:

  • Fantastic customer service to guide you through the application process and find you a placement at camp
  • A pre-departure meeting to get you prepared for the camp experience
  • Visa process help
  • DS2019 form and SEVIS in order to request your J-1 visa
  • Assistance with your J-1 visa and cultural exchange permits
  • Up to 90 days Medical Insurance
  • 24 hours support whilst in the USA
  • Food and accommodation whilst at camp


  • From $1400 to $1600 depending on the job, age, skills and experience

What We Like About Camp Leaders:

  • Almost 20 year of experience
  • Professional and friendly staff who are passionate about camp
  • Interactive social media including YouTube videos
  • Fun recruitment fairs where you can get hired on the job
  • Positive reviews and thousands of previous placed counsellors from all around the world
  • The chances to participate on other programmes worldwide through their sister company Smaller Earth

View Camp Leaders reviews.


CCUSA logo


For over 25 years, CCUSA has been placing people at fantastic and accredited summer camps across the USA. CCUSA are a ‘Summer Camp Specialist’, and take great care in making sure that every participant receives a great camp placement. They have a specialized team of placement coordinators in their US and worldwide offices.

Company Founded: 1985

Application Cost: £525 GBP including flights or £199 if you book your own flights

What is Included:

  • Customer service from CCUSA offices
  • Face to face interview with one of our experienced interviewers
  • DS2019 form & SEVIS receipt (required for visa application) and assistance with your J-1 visa application
  • Comprehensive medical insurance for your entire contract at camp
  • Pre-departure orientation in the UK to prepare you for your summer adventure
  • Placement at a camp based on your camp type choice and experience/skills 
  • Option to take a CCUSA flight or book your own international flights (see details below)
  • FREE food and accommodation during your contracted time at camp
  • 24/7 support from CCUSA whilst you are in the USA
  • T-shirt
  • Pocket money (wages) for your work at camp (see details below)


  • 18 Years $700 USD or $1645 depending on age and position

View CCUSA reviews.


USA Summer Camp Logo

USA Summer Camp

Summer Camp USA have sent over 40,000 people to work at over 500 summer camps in the USA.

Application Cost: 

  • £349 not including flights or £599 including flights

What is Included: 

  • Placement at Summer Camp
  • Profile Review and Interview with our National Team
  • J-1 Visa Sponsorship & Assistance
  • 90 days Medical Insurance
  • 30 days to Travel and see America
  • Expertise, Admin Work and Customer Service
  • Access to Job Fairs, Online and In Person


  • Earn up to $1,600 for the Summer

View USA Summer Camp reviews.



Wild Packs logo

Wild Packs

Wild Packs specialise in finding summer camp jobs (based all over America) for hundreds of successful applicants every year.

The team at Wild Packs HQ have worked on camp for years. Wild Packs are an agency who will work with you on a personal level, care about the welfare of you and campers and offer a higher than average salary. 

Application Cost:

  • £295 

What is Included:

  • No interview or registration fees.
  • 4 months of comprehensive medical insurance - when applicants are on and off camp, including travelling pre/post camp.
  • Visa paperwork inc. SEVIS
  • SIM card
  • 24/7 manned phone line for applicants when at camp
  • Placement at camp
  • Food and accommodation
  • Support throughout the visa  and embassy process


  • Starting at $1600.

View Wild Packs Summer Camps reviews.



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Please note the information in our guide is as acurate as possible when it was published but if we have made any errors please contact us. 


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