Here at Smaller Earth we look to provide you with the best opportunites, challenges and experiences for working and travelling abroad. Founded in 1999 we've since become one of the UK's leading organisations for work and travel. We have an expert travel team to back you up, so you can trust us to send you abroad with everything you need for the ultimate adventure.

Work & Travel

Our work and travel programs are designed to provide you with a great opportunity to work in a country whilst earning money to fund your travels. Whether you want to work at an American summer camp, Au Pair abroad or Teach English in Prague, Smaller Earth will make the entire process easier, we provide support every step of the way.

Adventure Tours

These tours are as action packed as a Hollywood blockbuster. An adventure that is no work and all play. we send you on big adventures with small groups. You'll quickly make new friends from all over the world. This is a chance to push yourself and become part of something truly special.  Check out our popular 2017 tours in Thailand and Australia.


Whether it's your first time abroad or a well seasoned traveller, the prospect of volunteering can be quite daunting. If you're looking for that extra bit of inspiration in life and an extra boost for your CV then volunteering is for you. Smaller Earth has volunteering opportunities in destinations all over the world that will great impact you and the people around you.

If you're tired of routines and normality, if you're looking to burst that comfort zone bubble and be part of an unbelievable journey, an adventure, then head over to Smaller Earth to find out more.