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Smaller Earth is one of the worlds leading gap year travel providers, with cultural programs all over the world. 

Here at Smaller Earth we look to provide you with the best opportunites, challenges and experiences for working and travelling abroad. Founded in 1999 we've since become one of the UK's leading organisations for work and travel. We have an expert travel team to back you up, so you can trust us to send you abroad with everything you need for the ultimate adventure.

Work & Travel

Our work and travel programs are designed to provide you with a great opportunity to work in a country whilst earning money to fund your travels. Whether you want to work at an American summer camp, Au Pair abroad or Teach English in Prague, Smaller Earth will make the entire process easier, we provide support every step of the way.

Adventure Tours

These tours are as action packed as a Hollywood blockbuster. An adventure that is no work and all play. we send you on big adventures with small groups. You'll quickly make new friends from all over the world. This is a chance to push yourself and become part of something truly special.  Check out our popular 2017 tours in Thailand and Australia.


Whether it's your first time abroad or a well seasoned traveller, the prospect of volunteering can be quite daunting. If you're looking for that extra bit of inspiration in life and an extra boost for your CV then volunteering is for you. Smaller Earth has volunteering opportunities in destinations all over the world that will great impact you and the people around you.

If you're tired of routines and normality, if you're looking to burst that comfort zone bubble and be part of an unbelievable journey, an adventure, then head over to Smaller Earth to find out more. 

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Smaller Earth Reviews

Work in a camp USA

I spent my first summer in PA,USA. This was the best decision I made. The agency, Smaller Earth-Camp Leaders Hungary has one of the best team!
They were helpful all the time, told us everything twice, never miss anything. They had attention on everything.
I'll go with them next summer too.
I met with different cultures during the summer (not just American!)
This program is a challenge and worth it.

By: Viktoria
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 23

Summer Camp in China

The famous phrase of the summer for me is "expect the unexpected" - camp here is like nothing you will experience in your life or anywhere else in the world. The Chinese culture is world's apart from English culture and not just because of the language. This summer has had its ups and it's downs and I would recommend anyone to try it who wants to spend 24/7 working with children and helping them with every aspect of their day. Summer camp is an intense, full on job and it is not a holiday - you come to work - all that being said, you make friends for life and memories you will never forget and I can't thank Smaller Earth enough for their help in getting me onto the programme.

However, I do feel that more support could have been given whilst at camp for all staff and also more preparation beforehand in relation to clothing, workload and money (both pay and how much to bring). More clarity is definitely needed from Smaller Earth in order to see happier staff and have a job that meets and exceeds expectations and not be fully stepping into the unknown. The programme is good value for money, it is very cheap and that shouldn't go unnoticed.

By: Anonymous
Nationality: British
Age: 22


Smaller earth is absolutely astounding!! I love the company so much. The staff are amazing, thoughtful and knowledgeable. They are always keen to help you out in any situation you are in!

By: Kapana Moss
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Very Helpful Agency

I was placed to work at Camp Westmont with Smaller Earth. I have had an amazing summer so far and I really love my job in the United States. The camp is the best and I recommend this experience to anyone! Smaller Earth have been very helpful, they really care about participants.

By: Michaela
Nationality: Slokak
Age: 22

Summer of a lifetime in Minnesota

With the help of Resort Leaders and Smaller Earth I had the best summer in a golf resort in Minnesota. It wouldn’t have been my first choice of American States to go to but I’m so glad it worked out the way it did. Minnesota is an amazing place and I met some lifelong friends!

Thanks Smaller Earth!

By: Chloe Mc Nicholas
Nationality: Irish
Age: 22

Work & Travel USA

I spend amazing summer in one of the best resort in the USA. I can't describe how my life changed after work and travel by smaller earth. I can just say THANK YOU

By: Matus Martiska
Nationality: Slovakia
Age: 22

A life changing experience

I have used the smaller earth program for two of my overseas experiences and honestly I wouldn’t look anywhere else for assistance. My first trip I went to work at a summer camp in West Virginia, America. This was my first trip overseas so I was very nervous and worried. However these guys made the process so smooth and made me feel so at ease that I had to use them again for my second one. They even sent representatives all the way out to the camp to make sure we were doing okay!! Currently I’m still in Jasper, Canada working my second ski season at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Using this program really makes you feel confident and at ease with some support behind you and I wouldn’t look anywhere else!! Thank you smaller earth for changing my life for the better and opening my eyes to the amazing world out there!!

By: Mark Robinson
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 24


The best experience in life! New friends, unforgettable moments, breathtaking places... the best vacation in my life! I recommend Smaller Earth to everybody. Every student can afford to go with them to US! Don’t think more, just apply and get an adventure of a lifetime ☺️

By: Karolina
Nationality: Polish
Age: 21

Best experience of my life!

Those 5 summers I’ve spent working at a summer camp with Camp Leaders in the US enriched me in many different ways. Unforgettable memories, friends for life and a second home are only a few things I gained.

By: Vivien
Nationality: hungarian
Age: 25

Summer Camp

I spent 2 months working as a counselor at a summer camp in New Jersey, US. That's a job that never gets boring or monoton! Every day is full of new adventures and challenges. During camp I had a great time with the campers and counselors, learnt a lot of things about their culture. After camp I had some time to explore the country and travel a bit. All in all it was an exciting summer, my language and communicational skills improved a lot. Smaller Earth arranged and took care of everything, I felt that they actually care about me. I would recommend spending some time abroad to everybody because that's an experience you'll never forget.

By: Eszter Sohajda
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 21

Go to USA with Smaller Earth

I went to USA with Smaller Earth previous summer and I'm coming this year as well. It was the best summer of my life and this company helped me to make it happen. If you are thinking about trying work and travel I think Smaller Earth is great choice.

By: Diana
Nationality: Slovakia
Age: 23


I got placed by Smaller Earth to help set up a summer camp in China. Smaller Earth were great, but the company I worked for in China were not true to their word for what they advertised in the job.
Be wary if you do get a position in China

By: Liam
Nationality: English
Age: 30

5 years and counting!

September 2013; I had never left the UK, never been on a plane and never spent more than 3 weeks away from the world I grew up in. I thoght of the phrase, 'go big or go home', and as I was already at home, I was only left with one option!

Fast forward 6 months and I've paid my deposit, handed in my police check and booked my mneeting at the US Embassey, safe to say that I had absolutly no idea as to what I was doing. Smaller Earth, through Camp Leaders, were with me every single step of the way, helping me with any quaesions, guiding me throught the application process and answering my many (often rediculously simple) questions with patience and professionalism throughout.

Thanks to their knowledge, guidance and friendly approach, I have have since been to Camp 4 times and am already set up for my 5th trip next Summer!

Couldn't recomomd them highly enough, its affordable and easy to put together; an absolute no brainer for the Summer(s) of a lifetime!

By: Chris
Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 24

My Summer Experience with Smaller Earth

I applied through the Czech office of Smaller Earth for the USA summer work and travel program and had a really enjoyable experience. The service offered to participants by Smaller Earth is very good, they give you all information and help with everything you need before you fly to the United States. Going to work abroad abroad with Smaller Earth is a good opportunity to live in a different country and meet new friends. After working you also get the opportunity to travel which for me was the best best part of the summer trip. Not everything is perfect, but it is really worth applying.

By: Bohuslav Moc
Nationality: Czech
Age: 24

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