You could study online from your phone, tablet or laptop, but actually booking a classroom course at a language school around the world can be a really amazing experience.

You'll improve your language skills, meet new people and get free time to go sightseeing. But the only drawback is usually the cost.

Some language schools especially in popular cities around the world have either high course fees, or expensive accommodation which can make you think twice about booking.

There are though options for places to study, even in desirabe destinations, where you can keep costs down and not spend a fortune.

View our list of cheap cities to book a language course around the world.


1. Alicante, Spain

Thinking about going to learn Spanish in Spain? Keen to not spend too much?

Studying Spanish in cities ike Madrid and Barcelona will really hit you in the pocket, but outside of these cities you will get much better value for money.

Allicante is a very relaxed destination and one of the most popular summer holiday spots in the country.

• Find Spanish language schools in Alicante.


2. Kyoto, Japan


Make no mistake, studying Japanese in Japan is incredible, but Japan is one of the most expensive destinations in Asia, and costs are realy high especially if you are a student.

In terms of flights, accommodation and sightseeing, Japan is one of the most expensive in the world but our top recommendations to keep costs down is to avoid Tokyo and choose the beautiful city of Kyoto instead.

There are also lots of ways to save money when visiting Japan which can help you to keep costs down.


3. Olinda, Brazil

Olinda, Brazil

When looking to learn Portuguese in Brazil most people consider places like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Most people don't even consider Olinda or know where this city is.

Olinda is a real hiddem gem and one of the top places to visit in Brazil. Olinda is a historic city in Pernambuco in the Northeast of the country on the spectacular Atlantic ocean.

People here are very friendly and the beaches here are among the best in South America.  


4. Berlin, Germany

Berlin skyline night

Are you keen to improve your language skills and study German in Germany? Choose to take a German language course in Berlin which is one of the most affordable cities in Europe.

Berlin has a facsinating history, and there are so many festivals, tourist attractions, cafes, bars, clubs and entertainment on offer.


5. X'ian, China

Must Visit Places in China - X'ian

China is not a cheap destination to get to but there are some locations which are cheaper than other.

If you are keen to learn Chinese in China on a budget then you should choose places outside of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

X'ian is generally one of the best locations to consider and here you can also see the world famous tourist attraction of the Terracota Warriors - something to tick off your bucket list.


6. Budapest, Hungary

Széchenyi Thermal Baths, Budapest

Hungary is one of the best value destinations in Europe and Budapest is a facsinating city to study. It is easy to visit Budapest on a budget and you can choose between lots of local language schools offer great value for money tuition.


7. Bournemouth, UK

Bournemouth beach

There are so many reasons to study in the United Kingdom, and located on the south coast of England you'll find Bournemouth which is a really underarated places to study English.

With a beautiful beach and relaxed atmosphere, this town offers a relaxing place to improve your English skills and there are lots of highly rated language schools located here.

You'll pay a fraction of the price of studying in London, and if you book a summer course you'll get to enjoy the beautiful 7km long beach.


8. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux skyline, France

France is one of the most expensive countries to study abroad in Europe but if choose the right destination, Bordeaux, you will get an amazing experience on a budget compared to places like Paris.

Okay studying in Paris is a dream for most overseas students, but this city is really expensive. Bordeaux is another big French city, but more relaxed and much cheaper than Paris.