A Guide to Studying Abroad in Paris

Paris is one of the best cities to study according to the QS Best student cities. International students highly recommend Paris as the best city to study for offering a unique college life experience.

Whether you want to take French courses in Paris, or do a semester or full academic year abroad, you will fall in love with this city. Thousands of international students from all around the world study here every year, and it is easy to see why Paris is such a popular destination.

Paris has plenty of outstanding courses, research and development opportunities. Hence, the majority of the young professionals there are successful innovators and entrepreneurs.



Most instituions can arrange homestays or private appartment accommodation. Students who prefer to find their own accommodation can use digital booking sites to secure a place to stay in Paris. Companies like Blueground, Paristudio and Homelike are perfect when finding short-term apartments in the city. 

Students can choose from all sorts of flats and studio-type apartments. They can find the best accommodation for a wide range of budgets and personal preferences, from basic and simple to smart and luxury studio apartments.  



Public transportation in Paris is easy. The Paris local transport system (RATP) includes the bus, metro, and tram. Suburban trains travel within the five Ile-de-France zones. A student transport pass is available for passengers below 26 years old, which is half the price cheaper than the regular Navigo Pass.  Students have unlimited travel regardless of the number of zones they paid for, suitable for taking trips throughout Paris on weekends, school holidays, and public holidays.



Paris is certianly not the cheapest destination to study, the cost of living and course prices can be high compared to other European study abroad destinations. But if you are dreaming of studying abroad in France then the price is worth it.


Scholarships for Studying in Paris

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  • If you are from the USA then the French government offer help and scholarship funds for students seeking to learn/improve French language skills
  • The Chateaubriand-Fellowship is also offered by the French government