Best Places to Visit in Brazil

Best Places to Visit in Brazil

Geographically speaking, Brazil is a huge country and culturally has extremes of diversity.

You will find delightful regional differences in culture, from the Amazon in the north to the famous southern cities of Rio and Sao Paulo. North-East Brazil is well worth a visit too.

If you would like to travel in Brazil here are our top recommendations for the top places to add to your itinerary.


1. Rio de Janeiro

The most famous spot in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro. Not many cities in the world hold an allure quite like Rio. There are bountiful things to see in this city of rich beauty; delicious Brazilian fruits and acai berry stands, sunny beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, exciting football matches, lively nightlife, tourism landmarks of Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain, and even its own Atlantic rainforest park.

The beaches in Rio can get crazily crowded on hot summer weekends and the average temperature is higher than 30°C. Taking part in Rio Carnival, going to a ‘sambódromo’ (sort of a parade stadium) or simply partying on the street carnival is a great cultural experience. The atmosphere and the energy are thrilling.


2. Manaus & Amazon

Amazon, Brazil

Fly to North Brazil, visit Manaus and go further from there to venture in the Amazon Rainforest. Manaus is the port of eco-tourism to the impressive Amazon Rainforest and cruises. It’s the largest city in Brazil that is in the middle of the jungle and be prepared for the heat.

The average temperature there is 40 °C in the summer. However, in North and North East Brazil you can count with a summery climate. Don’t miss the ‘Meet of the Waters’ and a visit the impressive Amazon Theatre built in 1896.

We couldn’t imagine going to Brazil without stopping in the Amazon. This brilliant biome is home to some of the most diverse range of species on earth. Having learnt about it since elementary school it invokes a true sense of enthrallment, and a much needed refresher to realize to us humans how many spectacular other creatures we really do share this world with.

You fly into the city of Manaus, a hub to many jungle companies. Make sure you check up on them before to ensure reliability, experience, and satisfaction. There are lots of day experiences, involving piranha fishing, jungle nature walks, and also overnight stays in the jungle.


3. Foz do Iguacu Falls

Foz do Iguacu

One of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Iguazu (Iguacu) Falls lives up to its reputation. With over 275 individual falls it is wider than Niagara and set in the middle of a sub-tropical rainforest. The falls since being formed have eroded the bedrock and retreated 28km from its present day location.  Plan on two days here, as you will want to see both the Brazil and Argentina side of the falls.


4. Salvador

Salvador, Brazil

The place where the first Portuguese ship dropped anchor. Historic city to visit and sun kissed beaches to relax, let alone the buzz and great atmosphere at Carnival. Salvador not only celebrates Carnival with the rest of the country but they have a pre and pos Carnival. It’s also not as expensive to get around and go out in Salvador as it would be in Rio.

The coastal city of Salvador is in the Bahia state on the east coast. By far the culture hub of Brazil, if you stay/visit the historic Pelourinho it will allow you to experience traditional musical performances and celebrations which seem to lighten up this square night after night.


5. Sao Paulo

Brazil Sao Paulo

The most cosmopolitan and biggest city not only in Brazil, but in South America. São Paulo boasts a wide range of pubs, restaurants, museums, street markets and the night life is effervescent.  Although it’s virtually impossible to escape from the packed public transport and the daily headache of traffic jams in rush hours, you can easily scape to the sea side. The coast is only 1 hour by car or bus from Sao Paulo.


6. Bonito

A small town in South West Mato Grosso do Sul. ‘Bonito’ in Portuguese means ‘beautiful’ and the places lives up to its name. It’s heaven for those who love adventure and ecotourism.  Hiking and biking in forest trails, explore caverns (dry and flooded), see marvellous waterfalls, go swimming and snorkelling are a couple of things in can do in Bonito.The temperature is always pleasant at about 27 °C  in the summer.


7. Pantanal

One of the most stunning locations in terms of nature and wildlife in the world, there are lots of excursions available here. You will get to travel by land and boat seeing nature, learning more about the area and also seek out exotic wildlife.


8. Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto is an old colonial city and the previous capital of the state of Minas Gerais. This is the perfect place to discover the countryside of Brazil where you will get to see stunning buildings - this area is a UNESCO world heritage site. There are lots of sightseeing activities available where you can also visit the pretty nearby town of Mariana.


9. Paraty

Paraty, Brazil

Paraty is a small town located on the coast of Brazil inbetween Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Expect beautiful architecture, old cobbled streets, beaches and lots of things to do. Paraty is one of the safest places to visit in Brazil and there are large numbers of local and internationals tourists visiting every month There are also lots of day trips and excursions available where you can see stunning waterfalls.


10. Fernando do Noronha

Located in the beautiful North East of Brazil, Fernando do Noronha is simply spectacular. With stunning beaches, scenic coasts and lots of eco resorts this places will blow you away.


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