Top Tips for Visiting Budapest on a Budget

Top Tips for Visiting Budapest on a Budget

If you have never really been into the idea of a European mini-break before due to suffering with the misconception they are overpriced and too short lived to do any worthwhile exploring, your preconceived misgivings might be disproved after a break in Budapest. Chloe Ward booked a trip on an extremely tight budget (£200 including flights) and this was a last minute decision, leaving only a short time to research what she wanted to do and see during the break. 

However despite these obstacles she still managed to gain a lot out of the break and discovered Budapest to be a beautiful and lively city with a variety of experiences on offer. Here she shares her top recommendations for experiencing the best of Budapest on a budget...

Here’s a summary of the top things to explore if you find yourself in Budapest on a budget;


Spend a Day at One of Budapest's Thermal Baths

My choice was the Széchenyi Baths and they did not disappoint. Although the entry price seemed rather steep on a budget (around £10) it was completely worth the expense. The baths are heated and there is a variety of both indoor and outdoor pools set in a very tranquil and grand building. It is worth saving this experience for the end of your trip as if you have any left over spending money you can indulge in a reasonably priced massage from the spa within the building. It’s the perfect day to help you relax and unwind before your flight home.


Travel Slightly Out of the Main Square for Food

If you are on a budget walking ten minutes out of the main city centre will almost half your restaurant bill, the food is just as nice and it’s good to kick back and enjoy some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle. If you’re a coffee lover be sure to try one of Budapest’s iced coffees, often served with cream and all the trimmings it will not disappoint.


Take Some Time to Wander around and get a Feel for the City

Some of the best photographs and experiences were soaked in by simply walking around. A particularly pleasant route is too start at the Erzsebet Hid bridge and follow the riverside path down to the Szechenyi Lanchid bridge, then crossover and explore what the Buda side of the city has to offer.



Visit the Saint Stephen's Basilica

The building itself is pretty spectacular and for a small fee you can climb the stairs to the top and gain a great view of the city below.


Transportation Tips

Finally, it is equally important to get the best deals on transportation in order to stick to your budget, here are a few money saving travel tips.

  • DO fly with a low budget airline and attempt to put all your belongings in hand luggage, this will not only decrease your check-in time but will also save you the hefty baggage fees.
  • DO pre-book transport to your accommodation. It will save you an awful lot compared with the prices un-booked taxis from the airport will charge.
  • DO use the buses and underground systems, both are inexpensive, simple to use and run a regular service. It’s an efficient way to get around and will save you a fortune in comparison to getting taxis everywhere.


So if you do find yourself in Budapest either on a mini-break or as part of a more extensive European travelling trip then be sure to explore some of the sights mentioned and experience for yourself what a lively, beautiful and culturally rich city Budapest is.


By Chloe Ward


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