5 Best Things to Do After Graduation

5 Best Things to Do After Graduation

So you are graduating from college or university and you are now considering your options. If you have made the decision to take some time out and not start a full time career straight away but are wondering what you can do after graduation with your time out we have put together some useful ideas to help you. We hope this helps you plan the best experience of your life...


1 - Travel Travel Travel

The world really is your oyster and depending on your budget there are so many countries you could visit. There is a lot of choice - going on a tour, travel independently or join a gap year program which have travel options. You could visit amazing cultural cities in Europe, relax on beaches in Asia, explore Australia, enjoy From the jungles of South America to the beaches of Asia, the ancients cities of Europe to the grasslands of Africa – there's a big world out there and what better time to explore it.

Below are some recommendations for worldwide tours and adventure trips:


2. Work Abroad and Get Paid

Travel and work your way around the world, if you are open to living in a new country and would like to get paid there are a range of jobs available. If you want to escape or town or city, and the idea of just staying at home doing a normal boring job doesn't appeal to you there is a lot of choice. From short term jobs, summer jobs which are ideal for students to longterm jobs where you can work abroad for over 2 years.

Popular jobs can include:


3. Volunteer

There are so many really amazing volunteer projects around the world which can help on a gap year. This might be a life changing experience and where you go and what you do is up to you. It is advised to apply though an international volunteer organisation who will arrange your placement and provide a safe trip.

Recommend volunteering programs include:


4. Gain Experience for Your CV

Time overseas doesn't have to be time spent doing nothing, you could gain vital hands on work experience which can help your future job prospects. Have a good CV / resume will really help and employers will like to see you spend your time wisely on an /internships for example.

Gap year work experience options include:


5. Learn a New Language

We highly recommend learning a new language like Spanish abroad, this will really help you when travelling and also might improve your job prospects. Knowing a new language can really help when taking a time abroad, and there are lots of courses available in the UK and around the world. Living and learning a new language abroad is an amazing experience where you can really get to integarte into a new culture.

We recommend:


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