Tanzania is one of the biggest country in east Africa and if you are planning a trip for the first time there are lots of attractions you need to see.

These are the main places you must visit when travelling to Tanzania. 


1. Dar Es Salaam

Dar Es Salaam

The cosmopolitan and economical capital of Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam is one of the biggest cities on the east coast of Africa.

Dar Es Salaam is a down to earth city which is full of people and has beautiful architecture from a mixture of influences.

There is plenty to do around here, such as visit the national museum or take a hike up Udzungwa mountain national park. Towards the northern end of the harbour lies lively fish and crafts markets, which are worth a visit.

Whether you are travelling independently or on a tour, you will probably pass through Dar Es Salaam, and you will get to discover why this is one of the best cities in Africa.

If you like cities you might also like to consider visting Arusha too.


2. Zanzibar

Zanzibar beach

This picturesque island is just a short ferry or plane ride away from Dar Es Salaam and other locations in the country.

Full of the most stunning beaches in Africa, this island has a Caribbean vibe, which makes Zanzibar a perfect place to relax. In the south of the island there are opportunities to snorkel with turtles amongst other marine life, and shipwrecks all around the island.

Stonetown is Zanzibar's main port, with a rich history, there is a lot to learn about this place, especially it's influence in the spice market. 

For a rewarding experience view volunteer programs in Zanzibar.


3. Mount Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro

Standing tall as Africa's biggest mountain, in the north of Tanzania, it's hard to miss this iconic landmark.

Many people trek this mountain each year, there are different timed treks depending on how difficult the hike is, it can take at least a week to climb. Before individuals reach the base camp, there are opportunities to spot elephants, leopards, buffalo and other primates. 

Search Mount Kilimanjaro treks to book the adventure of your life today.


4. Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

One of Africa's more famous and biggest game reserves is the Serengeti, with an area of nearly 15,000 km² travellers are bound to spot their favourite animals.

This area is also home to the Ngorongoro Crater. The crater was formed 2-3 million years ago when a large volcano collapsed on itself, it now provides a large water source for the animals in this game reserve.

If you would like to visit you can book Tanzania tours which encompass both the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti National Park. You will get to see animals like hippos, crocodiles giraffes, zebra, topi, kongoni and impala.

If you would like to help the animals here there are lots of Tanzania volunteer programs working with conservation.

Other top rated National Parks in Tanzania to consider visiting include:

  • Tarangire National Park
  • Mikumi National Park
  • Lake Manyara National Park
  • Arusha National Park
  • Gombe National Park
  • Katavi National Park
  • Kitulo National Park


5. Mahae Mountains National Park

Mahae Mountains National Park Chimpanzee

Located in Western Tanzania, this park is home to some of the last remaining wild chimpanzees in Africa, rough figures estimate chimpanzees to be around 900 in this area.

Here you can hike to see the chimpanzees and this can vary between 20 minutes to a harder walk of 3 hours, sights of the chimpanzees are common at all times of the year.

Bordering Lake Tanganyika which is the world's longest freshwater lake, which holds around 1000 different fish species.


Plan a Dream Trip to Discover Tanzania

Whether you are interested in the holiday of a lifetime or are thinking about taking a gap year in Tanzania, there really are so many unique and different places to go. From big cities, to seeing incredible animals in their natural habitat, just book your flights to Tanzania and explore this beautiful country for yourself.

By Natalia Andersson-Laing