How to Volunteer in Zanzibar

Are you looking for an exotic destination? Apply to help good causes in Zanzibar.

There are four main areas where you can apply, all most a focus on community development - you could teach, work on medical/healthcare placements, help children or contribute to a positive future for wildlife by joining marine conservation initiatives. Usually projects last a minimum of 1/2 weeks whilst you can stay for up to 6 months. Homestays, shared housing or private accommodation can be arranged.

Community development is our top recommendation, there are lots of local schools which recruit international volunteers all year round.

There are skilled / non-skilled placements available which are perfect if you are studying medicine / healthcare or would just like to help people. This is a great way to gain work experience in a wide range of areas like education, sports coaching, medicine, nursing and dental work and get to experience life in this exotic island.

There are also teaching  placements available to join, you can help lead lessons at schools for underpriveledged children in spectacular locations. 


Top Reasons to Volunteer in Zanzibar

With so many places you could choose to volunteer in Africa, here is why you should go to Zanzibar:

  • Not many places in the world compare to Zanzibar
  • Sample the unique local food, culture and tradition
  • The beaches are incredible and the small size of Zanzibar means you will never be too far from the cost
  • Meet international volunteers from all over the world
  • You will be able to make a difference


Location of Projects

Most programs are operated in the capital - Stone Town but there are also placements in more rural towns and villages. There are also marine projects in Kizimkazi. Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site located on the West Coast of Zanzibar. This is a lively port city with cafes, restaurants and nearby attractions - this will be an exciting place to be based. You might also like to search Africa gap year programs for more options.


Volunteer with Animals in Zanzibar

Spend time soaking up the sun, living on the spectacular coast and helping whales, dolphins and other wildlife species... sounds like a dream! Well you can turn this into a reality by joining wildlife conservation projects in Zanzibar working in research teams which aim to help wild animals. These projects are perfect if you are passionate about animals or if you would just like to do something different, everyday will be different.

You will be working with local scientists and conservationists monitoring wildlife, cleaning beaches, assisting research, working with local communities, checking tourist numbers, making reports and also going out into the ocean to see whales and dolphins up close. You will usually live in beach bungalows seconds away from the beach - an added bonus!


Community & Medical Placements in Zanzibar

If you are a skilled healthcare professional then volunteering on medical projects in Zanzibar can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! These placements are perfect if you are currently training for a career, or you are already working in this industry.

When applying you might be asked to provide proof of education and qualifications especially on skilled placements. For non-skilled workers there are awareness placements available to join where you can help prevent the spread of HIV/Aids.


How to Apply

Some of the projects we feature on our website will require you to pay a fee/donation to apply, this is because they are offered as part of structured packages. Prices can vary depending on how long you join for.

What is usually included - a donation which supports the project, airport / ferry transfers for arrival and departure, pre-departure support and orientation, accommodation & meals, transport, training and project equipment and 24 hour in-country support. What’s not included is usually flights, visa fees and travel insurance.

You might also like to consider going to volunteer in Tanzania which is located very close and another popular destination.


Low Cost & Free Volunteer Work in Zanzibar

There are some free and low cost volunteer projects available in Zanzibar but you will need to be independent and apply direct to local NGO's. To be eligible you will usually need to be aged 17 and over to join but there are no uppoer age limits. A police check will be required if you are working with children. You must be in good health, adaptable and open to a new challenge.