Work in Portugal

On our guide to working in Portugal you can read information about what jobs are available and how to secure a dream position in places like the Lagos, Albufeira and the Algarve.

We also provide tips and recommendations for working as a rep or promotional staff and other jobs which might appeal to you. If you would like to take a working holiday in Portugal apply today.

Where to start, a warm year round climate, beautiful beaches, great value, a modern country, lively atmosphere and nightlife, friendly locals and a much more relaxed and laid back destination compared to other seasonal work destinations in Europe.

For many people working in Portugal might seem like a dream, but you can make this a reality! With a bit of planning, research and also using our website you can make one of the best decisions of your life. You will get to know new people, make new friends, enjoy the best parties and see some of the most beautiful locations in the country in your spare time.

Although Portugal is very touristy, not everyone here speaks English and to give yourself a better chance of gaining employment you will need to speak at least basic Portuguese.

There are lots of ex-pat bars and clubs where this won't be an issue, but for local business e.g. cafes, bars, restaurants and also working as a rep for a large holiday company it will be desired and sometimes essential you know Portuguese. So you could start learning today, buy a phrase book, learn online or book classes.


Popular Places to Work in Portugal

There are jobs available throughout the country in places like:

  • Lisbon
  • Porto
  • Coimbra
  • Algarve
  • Braga
  • Setúbal
  • Queluz
  • Madeira

If the idea of working under the sun and experience a great lifestyle appeals to you consider applying for seasonal jobs in some of the following popular resorts:

  • Lagos (our top recommendation with a lively atmosphere)
  • Vilamoura
  • Albufeira (another great option)
  • Alvor
  • Carvoeiro
  • Ferragudo
  • Monte Gordo
  • Praia da Rocha 
  • Armacao de Pera
  • Madeira (a luxury destinations and finding normal employment can be tricky)


Summer Jobs in Portugal

Portugal is a very popular destination with holidaymakers and because of this there are lots of summer jobs available for international staff. You can apply for jobs with international or local tour operators or direct with bars, restaurants and hotels. We highly recommend the Algarve region for these positions and the summer season generally runs from May to September.

In the Algarve local unemployment is very high at the moment but tourism helps by creating jobs. Often though the long hours and low pay put off a lot a lot of Portuguese staff from applying or continuing to work in this area which frees up positions for casual and temporary international staff. A popular summer working destination is Lagos.

You can apply to work a summer season selling tickets as part of a marketing and promotional team. Sometimes there is a basic salary provided or you work on commission for any event tickets you sell. If you are good at this job you can make a lot of money but you might need to be an efficient seller.

This job can involve going to hotels, bars, clubs, beaches and having a presence in tourist areas like Lagos and Albuferia. Positions can be joined in June, July, August and September and you will usually be offered a package including accommodation.

Flights and food usually need to be paid for separately. Agencies are accepting applications now for this season and you an apply online today.


Jobs in Portugal for English Speakers, Foreigners & Non-EU Citizens 

Are you interested to find job vacancies in Portugal but not sure if you are eligible as you are not from a country in the EU?  We get lots of enquires from people from all around the world including countries like India and South Africa who are keen to secure employment in Portugal but as you might have realised this isn't that simple. 

There are several way how you can find jobs in Portugal as a non-EU citizen. Some companies offer jobs in Portugal for Indian, South African and other nationalities but to get hired you will need to be eligible for a work visa or have a company offer you a position. 

Our best advice is to contact the recruiters listed on our website who will be able to help you secure work legally in the country.


Salary for Working in Portugal

The salary for working in Portugal can vary depending on the position and company you work for, you might be shocked to realise that the minimum wage is around €500 per month for full time workers, the economy here has been hit badly by the world recession. You will usually be paid in the local currency the Euro (€) (EUR).


How to Apply

Search positions and recruiters and start your application today.