Guide to Getting TEFL Certified in Bristol

After booking a TEFL course in Bristol you will be send an information pack via post or e-mail with detailed information about what to expect, where to go and how to prepare. When you arrive as your course location you will be welcomed by staff and given a welcome course pack. This consists of a workbook with useful information and materials which will help you learn over the duration of a course. TEFL courses are intensive and very ‘hands on’ - you will learn a lot from experienced teachers. The weekend is very informative, a lot of fun and the chance to meet other people seeking to teach English abroad.



Don't worry if you have no experience in the TEFL area before, everyone is welcome to apply and professional tutors will guide you through a course. You do not need a university degree or any formal qualifications, just a standard level of education and the ability to speak English. Also these courses are open to everyone, not just people living in Bristol.


Start Dates

Every month of the year but book well in advance to secure a place if you have specific dates in mind.


Duration of Courses

Usually Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 6pm but there are longer 4/5 week courses also available.


What Topics You Will Learn

  • What makes a good teacher
  • How to keep students motivated
  • How to manage a classroom 
  • Teaching skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
  • TEFL role and methods
  • Motivation, learning styles and strategies
  • Language elements
  • Correction, assessment, marking and grammar 
  • Teaching skills
  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom management
  • Testing and assessment
  • Practical activities



All TEFL courses differ in price depending on the company, course and duratio. Generally a 120 hour course will cost around £350. Discounts are sometimes available at selected times of the year or if you book a course with a friend.


What's Included

  • Course placement
  • All learning material 
  • Lessons from professionally trained teachers
  • TEFL certification on completion



TEFL Courses in Bristol

Location of TEFL Courses in Bristol

Courses are usually help in the city centre, a lot of TEFL providers hire conference rooms in hotels like the Hilton to train new teachers. 


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Bristol TEFL Course Reviews

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