A Guide to Teaching in Ecuador

Teaching English in Ecuador

Ecuador is an amazing country to teach English, there are so many things you can do in your spare time. Although every in Ecuador speaks Spanish there is an increasing demand from local people to learn English. Tourism is a huge employer in Ecuador and it is very important for local people to speak English.

The government in Ecuador are putting a effort into ensuring people embrace learning English as a second language and as a result there are year round openings for international TEFL teachers. Ecuadorian people are very welcoming and hospitable, you will fall in love with this amazing South American country.

View our guide to working as an English teacher in Ecuador and apply today.


Top Reasons to Teach in Ecuador

If you are thinking about going to teach in South America then Ecuador should be high on your list of potential destinations. Expect beautiful scenery, bustling cities, spectacular highlands, a tropical rainforest, tasty healthy food and friendly locals. Ecuador is also one of the safest countries to live in the whole of Latin America.


Requirements for Teaching English in Ecuador

You can teach in Ecuador with a BA/BS degree, most language schools do not require this. Most will ask to see if you have a valid TEFL certification though. Ecuador is a popular country with US citizens looking to teach English abroad although people from all over the world apply every year. The amount of responsibility you’ll be given will depend on your skills, experience and confidence.

However it is important to note to that you don’t need any specific experience beyond an enthusiasm and passion for working with younger children! In some schools you can start off as an assistant teacher where you can help another ‘main’ teacher in the classroom and progress as you grow in confidence. Alternatively you can be brave and choose to teach on your own from the start.


TEFL Courses in Ecuador

One of the best ways to get a teaching job is to take a TEFL certification in Ecuador. There are classroom TEFL courses available to book throughout the country where you will be trained by experienced staff and get to hands on tuition which is great if you have no previous experience.

These courses are an internationally recognized and accredited certification boosting your chances of getting a job teaching English in Ecuador and worldwide. Most TEFL schools offer packages which include accommodation, training, a certification and they also organise excursions and activities.

TEFL companies usually have excellent links with recruiters and some offer guaranteed paid jobs on completion of a course.


How to Find Teaching Jobs in Ecuador

Most teaching jobs are in places like Cuenca, Guayaquil and the capital city Quito. Private language schools, public schools, international schools, universities and non-profit organisations hire TEFL teachers all year round. You could also advertise your services for private lessons. There are language schools located throughout the country.


Peak Hiring Time

Jobs can be applied for all year round but the best months tend to be February–March; July–August.


Types of Jobs

English language schools and giving private lessons are usually the best way to get paid work. Members of the public and business professionals are usually who you will be instructing. TEFL teachers can also be placed at schools through our the country include:

Inepe School
Inepe School is community run and found in the South of Quito, about a 40 mins from your central accommodation.  It’s a mixed school with about 800 students ranging from 2 – 18 years old. The school includes a pre-school day care centre and has pioneered an organic garden, which aims to provide the bulk of the school meals.

Conocoto Schools
Conocoto is a small suburb of Quito that has two large public primary schools, one for girls, one for boys, with  approximately 900 students in each, ages 5-12 years old. Both schools are in need of English speaking volunteers to assist the local teachers and help teach computer skills and sport.


Typical Day

Monday – Friday: A typical school day is from 0730 –1300, which includes time for 4 x 45 min lessons, lesson planning and breaks!  The afternoons are usually spent assisting with sport and other extra curricular activities/clubs.



Officially, to teach in Ecuador you will need to apply for a working visa. A lot of internationals enter the country and find work on a tourist visa, a lot of language schools will hire you on a tourist visa and some will even help you to get a working holiday visa. Ecuador is quite a relaxed country when it comes to teaching without a work visa.


Hiring Process

Most recruiters advertise jobs locally on message boards, their websites and online ESL job boards. A lot of people seek employment locally by going to visit language schools. You will usually need to attend an interview in-person.


Working Week

Most language schools ask you to teach for around 20–25 hours of classroom courses per week.


Salary for Teaching in Ecuador

Expect an average monthly pay of around £300 - £500 (US$500–700). Wages are usually paid in US dollars which is the currency of Ecuador. You won't be paid a fortune but the experience will be incredible. You will usually make more money by teaching at public schools and you might also want to give private lessons to supplement your income. International schools generally pay higher wages than most language schools but you will need top qualifications to get work here.


Top Tips for Landing a TEFL Job in Ecuador


Cost of Living

You can get by on a minimum salary in Ecuador, although more expensive than some countries you can teach in South America, generally food, rent and getting around are affordable.