Work in Switzerland

There are so many good reasons to choose Switzerland, this country is one of the safest in the world and if you are able to secure a job benefits include some of the highest wages in Europe / the world. The low crime, peaceful social life, scenic views, relaxed atmosphere and also activities on offer like skiing in winter all add to make this a popular seasonal work destination.

This country is a popular destination to visit throughout the year and due to tourism there are seasonal positions available during summer and winter. Our top recommendation is to apply for a winter ski job where you will get to see the breathtaking Alps! View more details about applying for jobs, types of positions and eligibility below.


How to Get a Job in Switzerland

The are positions available throughout the country, different areas of the country cater for different interests e.g. if you want a dream winter position at a ski resort you will probably be based in the Alps, if you want something like au-pair or office work you will probably be based in places like like Geneva, Bern and Zurich. For seasonal fruit picking, farm and agriculture based jobs you might be in some more remote locations.


Popular Places to Live

These are some of the best places to move to and get employment:

  • Zurich
  • Geneva
  • Basel
  • Bern
  • Lausanne
  • Winterthur
  • St. Gallen
  • Lucerne
  • Biel/Bienne
  • Thun
  • Swiss Alps


Jobs in Switzerland for Foreigners & Non-EU Citizens

If you live outside of the EU there can be lots of hurdles in your way of securing employment in Switzerland for up to three months. You will be free to seeking jobs, change jobs in any region of the country. If you are planning to stay over three months you will need to obtain a canton of residence.

Employment restrictions have eased in recent years but still job seekers from countries outside of the EU might struggle with the red tape and paperwork. There are annual quotas and local employers need to demonstrate that there is no one local who could do the job instead. To apply you will also need to have higher education. If you get approved for a job offer you will still need to apply for pre-approved residency, you will need this when entering the country. This whole process can take months


Summer Jobs in Switzerland

Hotels, hospitality and tourism companies hire hire international staff all year round. Most jobs can be found during summer unless you are looking to work at a hotel in a ski resort. You will need to be aged 18 and over and for some positions you will need to have a basic knowledge of French and German to apply because you will be interacting with local people.


Winter Jobs in Switzerland 

Winter jobs Switzerland

Winter ski work is one of the most popular seasonal jobs in Europe - but it is also very competitive for places because of this. 

When to Apply
The winter season generally runs from September to April and if you have always dreamed at a ski resort in Switzerland you will need to apply early so you get the best chance of gaining employment, most applications open in April/May/June time. If you search our featured employers you can send an enquiry today or start looking online and prepared your application and CV. Demand for positions is very high and don't be put off if you don't hear back straight away, keep applying for as many positions as possible.

The Application Process
Jobs are usually given to the best suited candidates and those who apply early, if you don't have previous ski season experience it is important you write don't relevant skilled to role you are applying for, or make a good impression on the interview. Ski companies usually get inundated with applications and so its important you make yourself stand out in the crowd. If you are successful you might be asked to provide a bond (anywhere from £50-£150) as this will secure your offer and gives the company an assurance you are not going to try to find a better offer. Once you have started or completed the season this is refunded.

Location of Jobs & Resorts
Switzerland has some of the best ski resorts and slopes in Europe, you can apply for winter jobs in places like Interlaken, Saas Fee, Château d'Oex, Les Diablerets, Leysin, Villars, Engelberg, Luzern, Verbier, Andermatt, Crans-Montana, Adelboden, Gstaad - Saanenland, Davos, St. Moritz, Grindelwald, ZermattLauterbrunnen Mürren, Veysonnaz and Wengen. 

Why Apply
By working at a ski resort in Switzerland you will get to develop independence, improve life skills and gain hands on experience which will be great when looking to further your career. When working a ski season you are guaranteed to meet lots of new friends doing the same kind of thing. Try to flexible and open to the experience. A key element on deciding to work a season in Switzerland can be you will get lots of spare time on the slopes skiing and snowboarding - not many jobs compare to this. Also did you know whilst working at a Swiss ski resort some of the perks include a free ski resort pass! 

Types of Jobs
If your skiing / snowboarding skills are only novice and you do not feel comfortable working on the slopes you might want to work at a resort, hotel, restaurant or in the hospitality industry. 


How to Apply

You can search our featured recruiters in Switzerland and apply for a job today.  There are also lots of online resources which list latest jobs on the internet, if you can read French or German then you will be at an advantage as some popular local websites are non English and are popular locally. You could also contact and post your CV to an employer, however this is unlikely to be successful unless you have given prior notice for a position are are skilled in.



How much you get paid in Switzerland really depends on your employer, contact and also destination. The minimum wage ranges between low and high skilled workers, doing a manual unskilled position you should be able to make anywhere for 2,000 - 4,5000 Francs per month but in a professional skilled job you could get 3,000 - 6,000 Francs per month.


Important Things to Know

It is a good idea to have some money saved before arriving in this country, Switzerland is notoriously expensive and accommodation, food and activities can be a lot more than other countries in Europe. You don't want to spend weeks / months searching out jobs and seeing your budget dramatically drop or run out. You will not need to know German or French to apply for most jobs in Switzerland, but we recommend you at least pick up the basics. Also if you are going to have a live out job try to book accommodation in advance to get the best deals or stay outside of the main resorts as during peak season prices can rocket up.

The job market in Switzerland is very competative for full time professional work. For an office related career you might need to know German and be educated up to degree level. There are lots of work experience placements available though, students can usually arrange these online in advance of arrival. On professional jobs you will get at least four weeks holiday, this is very high compared to some worldwide countries whilst there are other advantages too. Please note sometimes there can be a lot of paperwork involved in securing a dream professional position and placements usually go to locals who have been educated in the Swiss system.

If you are going to wait till you arrive then there are listings in local newspapers and magazines in Switzerland, you will find both native and English speaking ads/jobs. We recommend the Tagesanzeiger (Zurich), Tribune de Genève (Geneva) and 24Heures (Vaud) which all list weekly jobs in their employment section. You can also be proactive and when in country visit local business and employers to talk and hand over your CV. You might also want to register with recruitment agencies like Adecco who have years of experience helping people gain employment in this country - you will need to be eligible to work or have a permit though.