Scuba Diving in Israel

Whether you want to learn how to dive, or you already know the basic you will find a package to suit your interests in Israel. You can go scuba diving here all year round in Israel in both the Med and Red Sea where you can see wrecks, spectacular coral reefs and lots of marine creatures. 


Learn to Scuba Dive in Israel

Israel Scuba Diving Packages

To get to Israel you are best arriving into the country via the main international airport in Tel Aviv - Ben-Gurion International Airport. You can also catch a flight into Ovda airport which is a popular choice for people going to Eilat. Most tourist and divers head to the city of Eilat which is a great place to stay and here you can find beginners dive course and also trips for more advanced levels. On our Israel scuba diving directory you can search recommend dive resorts and view more information about booking a course and the best dive sites in the country.


Top Reasons to Go Diving in Israel

  • Warm climate
  • Fiendly locals 
  • Great dive sites
  • Gain a professional qualification 
  • Relax and see world famous locations in your spare time


Best Dive Sites in Israel


There are several incredible dive sites in Israel where you can see deserted wrecks and lots of marine life. Our top rated dive sites include:

  • Gordon Caves
  • The Bird Head Canyon
  • Caesarea Underwater Ancient Port
  • The Great Rock of Bat-Yam
  • The Italian Submarine Sire located close to Hiafa Harbor. This submarine was sunk in world war 2 and is now teeming with marine life
  • If you are interested in seeing exotic marine life we recommend the Park Ach ziv


Diving in the Red Sea

There are courses throughout the coast of Israel and we highly recommend Eilat as your destination if you are still considering our options. This city is hot, friendly and there are lots of things to keep you busy in your spare time. Eliat is also located right on the coast and the ocean is generally always calm with excellent visibility. Eilat is one of the most friendly and safe places to learn to dive in the world, this city is also a popular base for people to visit or go diving in Jordan and Egypt.. The ocean in this area generally has excellent visibility for divers all year round and the average water temperatures in the Red Sea are around 20-25 C° and there are also no big currents to worry about. Visility is usually around 20 - 30 meters and also very clear. We highly recommend going to visit the Eilat Underwater Observatory where you can see Red Sea coral reefs without getting wet. 


Diving in the Med

The Mediterranean Sea is also a popular diving destination, there are lots of rock reefs with arches, small caves and canyons. There are also dive trips available here for more advanced divers where you can go in search un sunken wrecks. 


Beginners Dive Courses in Israel

If you have no previous experience of diving and no qualifications then don't worry as there is the option to take a beginners PADI course or join a one day diving experience which is a lot of fun and a good introduction. Thousands of people take scuba certification course in Eilat every year and there are over 20 unique dive sites located from the shore perfect for all levels of divers.


Dive Trips for Advanced Levels

If you are already a certified diver there are so many trips you can join from early morning sunrise dives to late night deep dives. Around Eliat there are lots of dive sites you can visit independently by renting equipement and going solo or with friends rather than an organised excursion.

Whether you are either at beginners level or already an experience diver you will need to have diving insurance to go diving - this is the law in Israel. You will need an insurance policy which covers for recompression chamber treatment and other things associated with medical treatment for diving. If you are a certified scuba diver you will need to show your diving certification with a rexognised qualification e.g. PADI and your diving log book to show your previous dives and dates. If you haven't been diving for more than 6 months you will also need to take a refresher course.


Best Dive Centers in Israel

Most dive shops in Israel are equiped with modern diving gear & equipment which is maintained and inspected regularly. Dive instructors in Israel are fully qualified and usually speak more than one language. You will find dive staff speak Hebrew, Arabic and English. Some also speak other languages and this depends on the dive shop. If you have a passion for photography, or you are keen to learn, then you can have a magical experience taking pictures of the underwater world of Israel. Our top resorts to book a course include:

  • Dive Tel Aviv Diving Center
  • Dead Sea Divers


Health & Safety

Israel is a very safe place to go scuba diving and they have modern hospitals and dive facilities. In Eliat there is a decompression chamber located around 10 minutes from the coast and a medical rescue team is available at all times if there is an accident or emergency.


How to Book


Courses can be booked in advance or once in the country. On our directory you can search dive centers in Israel who will be able to help you make a booking. You will usually be required to pay in either New Israeli Shekel or via credit card. Before departing make sure you have an insurance policy which covers extreme sports like diving.


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