Take your first step towards becoming a Dive Professional, working alongside experienced dive instructors and marine biologists from around the world. Diving in Indonesia is so beautiful, you won’t regret it!

The goal of your internship is to become a PADI Divemaster, as well as a guide for research dives. You will help the research team to execute underwater roving video surveillance, roving survey dives, photographic identification, Coral Health Index surveys, Coral Watch survey's, marine based time-lapse surrvey's, and monitoring and maintaining our coral restoration site. By the end of your internship you might even be guiding your own dives around the Gili Islands Lombok!

Would like to become a PADI Divemaster combined with becoming a research assistant?

We are open all year round and you can start your divemaster internship with us every Sunday. Please find below a little bit more about who we are, what we do, and what we can offer you.


About Us…

We are an award winning organization designed around conservation through citizen scientific research in the following areas:

• Shark conservation (Shark Identification, Baited Remoted Underwater Video’s and Roving Survey Dives)
• Marine life conservation (Turtle Identification, Dive Against Debris and Fish & Benthic Survey dives)
• Coral conservation (Coral Restoration, Coral Watch, Coral Health Index, Reef Check, Time Lapse)


About the Divemaster Internship

During your Divemaster internship with us you will learn about and participate in our different research methods as well as helping us to analysis and input all the data collected into international data bases.

Through knowledge development, training water skills, workshops and hands-on practical assessments, you cultivate the abilities to organize and direct a variety of scuba activities. Topics and practical workshops include:

• The role and characteristics of the Divemaster
• Supervising activities and assisting with student divers
• Diver safety and risk management
• Divemaster conducted programs and specialized skills
• Business of diving and your career
• Awareness of the dive environment
• Dive setup and management
• Mapping a dive site
• Conducting dive briefings
• Organizing a search and recovery project and a deep dive
• Conducting a reactivate program and skin diver course
• Assisting with Discover Scuba Diving and leading Discover Local Diving programs around the Gili Islands.
• Knot workshop
• How to use a liftbag workshop
• How to use a SMB workshop
• How to check a current workshop
• How to plan a dive workshop
• Safety procedures on the dive boat
• Beach and Reef Clean up workshops

Your time will be split between project duties, scientific tasks, confined sessions and training dives at PADI 5 start dive resort Oceans 5.



The Diver Prerequisites for becoming a Divemaster require you to reach quite a few mile stones first before you can enroll in the course, they are as follows;

1. Certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water and PADI Rescue Diver
2. Logged a minimum of 40 scuba dives
3. Completed EFR Primary and Secondary Care training within 24 months
4. Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within 12 months
5. 18 years old

Normally the minimum stay for Divemaster training is six weeks however if you have not reached requirements 1, 2 or 3 you would need to arrive earlier to gain the required experience to start the Divemaster Program. For a zero to hero program we would recommend you to stay a minimum of nine weeks.


Program Prices

You might wonder why you have to pay to participate in our conservation project. Let us explain…

We are only a small organization and are not in a position to cover all the costs involved in your stay. Your program fees are covering a large number of factors, such as food, tanks, rental of scuba gear, accommodation, courses, visa support and transport.

Your hard work and passion are valuable, but unfortunately, motivation alone doesn’t keep our projects alive. As a participant, your fees have just as great an impact as your actions. By contributing to our project, you are helping to support our mission, and ensure that our programs are efficient and beneficial in the long run. You are also investing in your own training and development, so you can continue making changes in the world long after you’ve finished our program.

Below you find our program prices. To calculate the costs of your Divemaster internship: take the program price of the amount of weeks you would like to stay with us and add $700 for your Divemaster Course. If you are not certified as a diver yet you also need to add the costs of your Open Water Course (5.900.000 IDR) your Advanced Open Water Course (4.100.000 IDR) and your Rescue + EFR Course (7.000.000 IDR). On all these course we can offer you a 10% discount if you do Zero to Hero.

5 weeks -  $ 4,449.00
6 weeks -  $ 5,199.00
7 weeks -  $ 5,949.00
8 weeks -  $ 6,669.00
9 weeks -  $ 7,449.00
10 weeks - $ 8,199.00

* Prices are in USD. Prices are subject to change depending on project changes and requirements.


What’s included in your Divemaster Package?

• PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Course
• PADI Scientific Diver Distinctive Specialty Course
• PADI Crew Pack
• Rental equipment and guides
• Marine park fees for the Gili Matra Marine Recreational Reserve
• Shared accommodation in a beautiful boutique hotel called Villa Nangka
• 3 delicious meals a day during project days
• In country transportation by our lovely drivers Wayan & Bagus
• Return boat ticket from Bali / Lombok to Gili Air
• Program T-shirt
• Visa Support 


Apply Today

We would love to get to know you better and see if you are a good fit for our research team. We will review your application and give you a response within two working days of your submission. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We're always happy to help!