Guide to Interning in Brussels

If you are looking to add depth and experience to your CV / resume, then Brussels is your destination. You can expect a very pretty city with old architecture, large open plan squares, famous statues and lots of interesting buildings and places of interest. Brussels is famous for tasty local food and also also beer, be sure to try the dark beer and also the moules and chips (frites).

Thousands of civil servants are currently living and working here for organisations like the EU and the NATO. Lots of international companies are based in Brussels and there are lots of internships available with the various institutions based here. If you are considering a political career then Brussels is one of our top cities in the world to choose. Whether you are seeking paid internships in Brussels, or would just like to find out how and where to apply, our guide will help you arrange a work placement. 


Intern in Brussels


Belgium, EU, EAA and international citizens depending on your visa eligibility. People apply from all over Europe and the world.


Top Tips for How to Get an Internship in Brussels

Popular websites include:

  • EuroBrussels 
  • EurActive 

Both have extensive listings for companies and openings. You can also apply direct or also make contact through companies or educational colleges and universities.


Is it difficult to get an internship in Brussels?

Each EU institution has different application criteria and sometimes there are tight deadlines and you will need to meet these to stand a chance of getting a placement. When an internship becomes available usually local institutions get inundated with thousands of applications, so to stand a chance you will need to tailor your CV and application.


Top Tips for Getting a Successful Internship Placement in Brussels

  • Competition can be high so it is vital you put together a strong application, hopefully these pointers will help:
  • Standardise your CV
  • Tailor your CV content to the role and highlight your experience and strengths
  • Find the name of the hiring person and address your cover letter to this person
  • Learn a new language, remember this city has thousands of multilingual speakers from all over the world and knowing more than just English will help. Try to learn German, French or another worldwide language to boost your chances


Paid Internships in Brussels

  • Despite having world know organisations based here, internships can be free or very badly paid whilst there is no concrete guarantee of employment post-internship. Most interns in Brussels earn around €500 - €1000 per month so you will need extra funds to help pay for things like accommodation, food and activities.


Cost of Living

Below we have put together a guide to the average cost of things per month in Brussels:

  • Rent - €300 - €500 
  • Food - €250
  • Going Out - €100-200
  • Transport & Getting Around - €50.00
  • Travel - €200 (this can vary depending on how much of the country/region you want to see)


How to Intern in Brussels on a Budget

There are lots of ways to save money when working as an intern in Brussels including:

  • Eat at home
  • Avoid drinking in the expensive tourist areas
  • Choose an appartment out of the city centre
  • Avoid taxis and take the bus


Internship Programs in Belgium

What is it like to Intern in Brussels

Brussels is a very fun city to experience on an internship, there is a vibrant social life and always a lot of tourists here. Lots of people go for after work drinks, you will get to experience the atmosphere of bar districts like Place du Luxembourg. 



Brussels is a safe city to live in compared to other European destinations, but there are problems with homelessness and also crime at night - ask locals for advice on arrival.


How to Get to Brussels

Brussels is very well connected via air and land. You could fly, catch a bus or even take the Eurostar from places like London and Paris.


Brussels Internship Reviews

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