Benefits of a Hospitality Placement Abroad

Benefits of a Hospitality Placement Abroad

So you’re thinking about a placement in hospitality, right? Resort Leaders offer a range of hospitality placements at one of over 100 partner 4 or 5 star resorts with right across America - which is an incredible offer; but why will embarking on a placement in hospitality be beneficial for you? 

There are almost infinite reasons why a placement in hospitality can change everything for the better, but we thought we’d narrow it down to some of the key points to get you applying for your hospitality placement with Resort Leaders 


What Can a Placement in Hospitality Do For You?


1. Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Before embarking upon a settled career path, there are two things that many young millennials wish to achieve; travel and an exciting work abroad placement for a taste of their coveted industry. A placement abroad combines the two; presenting you with the unique opportunity to live and work in a new country, travelling and experiencing the sights on your days off and after your placement, as well as, in a Resort Leaders placement’s case, working at one of the finest resorts the world has to offer! Not only will you be satisfying your need to travel but you’ll be learning invaluable skills and gaining that all-important work experience at the very same time.


2. Stand Out from the Crowd

A high-quality hospitality internship abroad will do wonders for your level of employability, but not least when you’ve earned that placement in an incredible resort in a different country. Placements in America make applicants for jobs stand out from the crowd because of their initiative, enthusiasm and determination to secure an exciting job opportunity, but also their courage and independence to pursue that job opportunity in a new country! A Resort Leaders placement on your CV will ensure you are head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.


3. Encourage Flexibility

A hospitality placement with Resort Leaders is a work placement quite unlike any other, because of the variation of hospitality roles available within each resort, it presents you with an exciting opportunity to try your hand at a range of different job roles within the resort. You could be a lifeguard one day, on reception the next, a golf course waitress or a busboy - it encourages you to be flexible, to embrace opportunities, and to gain that all-important work experience to build your CV - all whilst being paid of course.


4. Experience a New Culture

Working and living in a new country presents you with the exhilarating experience to totally immerse yourself in a new culture. The hospitality industry in particular will differ ever too slightly wherever you may be, but one thing is consistent; customer service is key. By working in the USA you will learn more about a country which prides itself on impeccable hospitality, which is why a placement in America within the hospitality industry in particular is so sought after. Combine this with the opportunity to throw yourself into the American way of life eating new foods, learning new phrases and meeting fantastic people and it’s not difficult to see why the Resort Leaders placements are so popular!


5. Learn Invaluable Life Skills

A hospitality placement will teach you many things which will become simply invaluable skills that you’ll draw upon for the rest of your life. Dealing with difficult customers will help you develop the patience of a saint, working within the hospitality industry will sharpen your attention to detail. You’ll learn flexibility and resilience within the workplace, as well as the important skill of being friendly and sociable. You’ll learn to appreciate and respect all cultures and backgrounds because you will be engaging with a range of people from all walks of life on a daily basis. You’ll be independent thanks to living abroad, fearless thanks to diving head-first into this exciting career opportunity, adaptable thanks to the range of skills you’ll try your hand at and utterly professional thanks to the incredibly high standards required to work at any of the Resort Leaders resorts in the US of A.


6. Develop your Network

Every day working your hospitality placement will see you engaging with a range of different important and influential people from all over the world. Whether these be chefs, managers, hotel owners, exciting guests or colleagues, you’ll be developing your personal and professional network over the course of your hospitality placement, so it’s important to make a good impression and keep in contact with those who could help you with a step up on your career path in the future.

Resort Leaders placements will be shared by like-minded people from all over the world, which also means you could be in for some pretty epic holidays if you hit it off with your new friends!


So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for a Resort Leaders placement with Smaller Earth and take the first steps towards changing your life for the better today! 



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