Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Volunteer with the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) a wildlife rescue center in Thailand.

The Thailand Friends Wildlife Sanctuary (WFFT) have lots of wildlife projects where they rescue animals in South-East Asia and provide a home for them, nurse them back to health with the aim of releasing them into the wild. Opportunities include helping elephants, bears, gibbons, monkeys and more...

If you are looking to volunteer in Thailand then check out WFFT, you will be able to gain hands on work experience volunteering with local staff and other international volunteers. There are several wildlife programs and if you are seeking vet experience then this is a great place to apply to. Wildlife rehabilitation is the main priority here and you can play a big part in volunteering and helping animals.

The Wildlife Rescue Centre is located a few hours from Thailand's capital Bangkok in Petchaburi and there is a large space for the animals including islands in the middle of a lake for monkeys and gibbons. This is a really special place and a sanctuary for animals who are suffering or need help in Thailand.

Travel and volunteer with wildlife in Thailand and consider working at WFFT. Please contact by the links below for more information about joining the great work already being done at the Thailand Friends Wildlife Foundation.

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Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand Reviews

Good experience

Was a fun time, great experience. The staff was pleasant and our guide was great

By: Justin
Nationality: American
Age: 30


I had the pleasure to know the wfft last year and it was very nice to see all the good things they do to the animals. The staff and the place are amazing! I recommend!

By: Marcelo
Nationality: Brazil
Age: 29

Life changing

After 4 weeks working with elephants I didn't want to leave and could have spent the next year there. A humbling and life changing experience. The staff make you feel welcome and part of the family, and truely care for the wellbeing and protection of the animals. 100% ethical.

By: Maria Poulton
Nationality: Australian
Age: 33

Life changing

After 4 weeks working with elephants I didn't want to leave and could have spent the next year there. A humbling and life changing experience. The staff make you feel welcome and part of the family, and truely care for the wellbeing and protection of the animals. 100% ethical.

By: Maria Poulton
Nationality: Australian
Age: 33

Memories for life

I spent 3 weeks at WWFT- 2 weeks with elephants and 1 week with wildlife.
I just can recommend volunteering at this great and professional place. It is an amazing experience and if you love animals, enjoy to work in an animal loving team and are keen to do physical work, you shouldnt hesitate to go there. Great people, breathtaking landscapes and wonderful animals are waiting for you!! I will never forget those three weeks in my life and Im looking forward to return in future.

By: Sabrina
Nationality: Austria
Age: 26


I spent 3 months in total in SE Asia, the first of these months was at WFFT, with the elephants....what a month! I'm so glad this was the reason for travelling out there, I highly recommend it to anyone considering volunteering with animals or abroad! All the staff know their stuff and are really supportive to everyone, making sure you have fun whilst working hard. If you're not sure whether to go, just do it, you will never regret it! Thanks WFFT!

By: Emily
Nationality: British
Age: 30

Une journée INCROYABLE ! / Amazing day

I spend an amazing day in WFFT ! Walk with elephants and give them a shower was expériences I couldn’t forgot 🐘
The tour in the park to see some animals is essential to discover more about them. This day was incredible, I learned a lot ! I hope to come back for a longer period the next Time !
Thanks for all you do WFFT 👏❤️

By: Sarah
Nationality: French
Age: 23

Best thing I've ever done

I had the most incredible experience at WFFT. The work they do there is incredible and you really feel like you're making a difference while you're volunteering there. I met so many interesting animals and people during my two weeks there, I hope to go back some day. My sister was able to extend her stay to a month and I was very jealous that I couldn't do the same!

By: Rache
Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 24

Amazing trip to WFFT

Had the best day at WFFT! Was really excited to find a place that treated all the animals so well, especially elephants as there is many places in Thailand that don't. Highlight of the trip was definitely feeding the elephants! Would definitely recommend this trip to anyone, would love to go back some day! :)

By: Holly
Nationality: British
Age: 23

Great Experience

The tour was welll organised and staff were helpful. They are definitely doing great things with the people and animals.

By: Michael
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 30

Anazing day- not to be missed!

Had a fantastic day at the WFFT. Started with an informative talk about the elephants and the a tour round all the wildlife and talking about what theyre doing for them, then a fantastic buffet style lunch that incl vegan, dairy free options, then we got to walk the elephants and wash them individually which was definitely my favourite part, then we had a guided tour around the whole park, and saw the rest of the elephants and the other projects that they are working on.
Was a wonderful, fun, informative day, everyone was so friendly and helpful and genuinely cared about the animals.
Would definitely recommend doing the full day pick up if you are in bangkok as its quite far away, definitely worth the money!!

By: Megan
Nationality: English
Age: 23


I have been in this sanctuary for 3 weeks and was the best expirence of all my life. Its true that you have to work really hard but you enjoy it a lot and also all the people working there are amazing and they treat you in the best way and take care of everything. Its just great.

By: Pedro Fossati
Nationality: Argentina
Age: 20

Feels good to support something important like WFFT

I had such a great day at the WFFT. The people there are so nice, trying to answer every of your questions, telling you the names and the stories about the animals there. You learn so much about thailand, about traditions and why it‘s important to talk about animal abuse. You just know, the price you payed fot that experience is worth every cent. I would have stayed there a little bit longer than a day, if I could.

By: Nina
Nationality: Austria
Age: 26

Amazing Experience

My experience at WFFT is something that I will truly never forget. The respect and love that the staff and volunteers have for the animals is so admirable. Waking up to all the sounds of the animals and getting to know their personalities was amazing. I will be forever thankful for my experience at WFFT and will never forget the bonds I made with the animals, as well as with the other volunteers. I can’t wait to go back!

By: Dylana
Nationality: Australian
Age: 20

A day full of great experience, love and knowledge

this year, I chose to celebrate my 25th year of existance with my most FAVORITE person in the universe and with all the rescued animals, hearing out their stories makes my heart crashed into pieces but helping them out from their traumatic experience is such a huge happiness to my heart ♥️🎂 I wish and hope to help more animals who were abused and in need of care even by means of little donations and simple care of visitations.. Please visit WILDLIFE FRIENDS FOUNDATION in Thailand, you can also visit their website at https://www.wfft.org every visit counts.. ☺️🤗 I am truly blessed that my man supports me with everything and always gives his best shot to make me feel safe and happy.. ♥️♥️♥️ love PAWS and CLAWS 🐻🦊🐰🐹🐼🐨🐯🦁🐮🐦🐧🐔🐸🐷🐱🐶

By: Marry & Alexander Wichlas
Nationality: Philippines / Germany
Age: 25

Amazing experience

Just came home from an amazing experience at WFFT. The staff were friendly and I got to walk the elephants and give them showers.

By: Elias
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 15

WFFT Experience

I spent the day learning and interacting with rescued elephants at the Wildlife Friends Foundation in Thailand. It was beyond rewarding to be able to see the work that the facility has done to make sure these animals have a safe and fulfilling life. While I was there the elephant hospital was being built, and I want to come back to spend an even longer time there and see the hospital in action!

By: Samantha
Nationality: American
Age: 26

2 weeks Elephants in WFFT

It was a wonderful experience where I meet incredible volunteers, staff and Thai people. The work can be hard some days but what else than work near to an elephant and participate to improve its live. It’s one of the best experience of my life and the life in the foundation is very cool ! So enjoy !

By: Sotier
Nationality: French
Age: 20


WFFT was one of the most memorable experiences I had during my time in Thailand! The staff were welcoming, accommodating, and knowledgeable. We changed our hotel the day before we went to the sanctuary and the drivers were able to pick us up from our new location. The drive was beautiful from Hua Hin. I highly recommend doing the full day. We were able to tour the sanctuary, walk and feed, and wash an elephant. This is a great way to opt out of the torturous tourist activities and still have a lifetime experience!

By: Amanda
Nationality: USA
Age: 19

Life changing

I had the best possible time here volunteering! Being up close with the amazing elephants was a dream come true. I didn’t know what to expect before I arrived but I would say if you have a week or more and you don’t mind getting dirty you will have an amazing time. Between the people I met and the time spent with the elephants, I truly couldn’t have asked for a better week! I’ll be back for sure to spend more time here!!!!

By: Brenda
Nationality: USA
Age: 32

I’m going back

Working with the elephants is the best experience ever! I’m definitely going back, I just returned home and I miss the work and people so bad!

By: Sofie Maria Læbel
Nationality: Danish
Age: 20

Highlight of my trip to Thailand

I spent an amazing day with most beautiful animals on this planet. I lived with guilt of riding elephants in the past and always wanted to make up for it. I was ignorant and had no idea how those animals were treated. I found out about WFFT by accident for a couple from Philadelphia, who were on the same tour as my daughter and I. I must say my trip to Thailand would not be complete if I did go to WFFT.
I felt privileged to be able to feed, walk, and wash those magnificent animals. My daughter, who was 13 at that time, wants to go back there as soon as she turns 17. She wants to spend there entire Summer and I will support her with all my heart.

By: Magda
Nationality: Polish/American
Age: 50

Best 2 Weeks of My Life at WFFT in Thailand

I had the most incredible two weeks of my entire life volunteering at WFFT working with the elephants every day. I would recommend volunteering at WFFT to anyone!

By: Eleanor Tasker
Nationality: British
Age: 22

Inspirational Place

I volunteered with elephants at WFFT - what an incredible experience! This is one of the most best rescue centres in the world, the work Edwin and the staff do is amazing. There were volunteers from Thailand and all over the world UK, USA, Netherlands with a mix of ages. If you would like to visit Thailand and do something worthwhile with animals then I would highly recommend WFFT.

By: Paul Edwards
Nationality: British
Age: 26

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