These beautiful creatures were captured at a young age, separated from their family and forced to learn tricks to perform to tourists.

Joining us helps fund their rescue, and pay for their food and health care. Your responsibility while you are with us is to love and care for the elephants. They each have unique personalities and personal preferences.

You will be preparing their meals, feeding them, joining them on their jungle treks plus much more.


1 Week Itinerary


Day 1: Airport Transfer & Kanchanaburi

Location: Bangkok

Sawadee Krab! A warm welcome to Thailand! If you’re arriving in Bangkok by plane, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to Kanchanaburi by taxi. There’s plenty to do in the area, so feel free to explore. We also have activities you can join if you’re interested.

Day 2: Welcome to the Elephant Camp!

Location: Kanchanaburi

Arrive at the elephant camp, meet fellow volunteers and learn safety rules. Prepare and feed elephants sticky rice balls, then trek through the jungle for their mud bath. A messy but endearing experience.

Day 3: Local Market

Location: Kanchanaburi

Let's go to the local market! We're here to buy food for the elephant, and no doubt you'll find plenty for yourself too. Back to the camp and more time spent close up with your new friends.

Day 4: Krasae Cave

Location: Kanchanaburi

We have some free time and we would like to invite you to visit the Krasae cave. In the afternoon, we're back to the elephant camp to see what the beauties are up to.

Day 5: Banana Tree Planting

Location: Kanchanaburi

The plantation is an important part of sustaining the Elephant camp's existence. We're growing grass/banana trees today. Don't forget your hat and sunscreen!

Day 6: Thai Cooking & Fire Camp

Location: Kanchanaburi

Would you like to make some traditional Thai snacks with us? We'll take that as a yes. After your daily time-well spent with the elephants, we will have an open-fire camp. This is only available if we have a large group at the camp.

Day 7: The Final Day

Location: Kanchanaburi

Transfer to Kanchanaburi hotel included. Relax by the pool, explore town, or opt for extra activities. On your last day, transfer to the bus station is provided, with options for Bangkok or Chiang Mai transfers as well.