Ulster Wildlife Trust

We are Northern Ireland's leading local nature conservation charity.

Volunteering with the Ulster Wildlife Trust is a great way to make a difference in local nature conservation. Lots of people are already doing their bit, volunteering on nature reserves, at events, in the office ? there are lots of other ways that you can contribute your time and skills.

Unlocking Our Potential Project

Volunteers first started the Trust in 1978 and volunteering has been essential to the organisation ever since. Currently, we are funded by the Community Volunteering Scheme through the Department for Social Development to carry out a project to help us maximise the potential for volunteers to help our organisation in a more diverse and sustainable way.

What?s in it for you?

Volunteering with UWT not only helps us to get much more valuable work done, but it gives volunteers the opportunity to gain experience, meet new people, learn new skills and have some fun!

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