Volunteer in Bahamas

Search rewarding programs where you can do more than sitting on a beach. You can apply to help marine conservation, wildlife and communities throughout the Bahamas in places like Nassau.


Volunteer Opportunities in the Bahamas

Guide to Volunteering in Bahamas

If you are looking for a warm and exotic destination to volunteer in Central America you can help in the beautiful Bahamas. There are inspiring volunteer projects where you can help communities, wildlife, marine conservation and the environment. The Bahamas is a luxury destination but by working you will get to be more than just a tourist escaping the resorts and see a different side to the country interacting with local peoples. 

You will find large international organisations and also local NGO's and non profits offering projects to internationals where you can help community development and conservation efforts. This country is very small but there are some of the most stunning scenery and beaches in the world, spend more than just your average holiday doing something genuinely benefical. The hard part will be having to leave!


Location of Projects

Projects are located in the capital - Nassau and also remote coast areas. If you join wildlife conservation programs you might be working in Great Abaco and San Salvador Islands which are spectacular. You might also like to view our Cuba volunteer programs.


How You Can Help

There are lots of different projects available to international participants including:


Community Development Programs

The Bahamas has a population of around 350,000 people and around 10% of people live below the poverty line. Most of the country is very developed but in rural areas there is need for assistance improving infrastructure and facilities. NGO's organise group programs where you can help with building new structures like community centres, improve housing or do general tasks like paining and decorating. There are also land based projects where you can work in a local school educating youngsters whilst also getting to live in a tropical paradise learning more about the culture and tradition of the country.


Wildlife & Conservation Projects

There are lots of land based and marine conservation programs you can join in the Bahamas, some are skilled positions but most are open to all people. Marine based programs are very popular where you will get to go swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving to monitor coral reefs and wildlife. Some projects include helping the local Bahamas National Trust creating protected areas and keeping this destination as intact as possible. Working with whales and dolphins can be really worthwhile, you can help protect these amazing animals whilst creating a safe environment for them to live. Tasks can include helping local scientists collecting data, monitoring/surveying, tracking and creating cleaning oceans through beach clean ups and rubbish collection. There are also coral reef restoration programs where you will get to swim in clear waters monitoring the ocean and finding ways to better preserve coral and marinelife going forward.


How to Apply

Programs usually come part of a package which include placements, training, in-country support, support, meals, insurance, accommodation, transfers and also onsite equipment, excursions and permits. The price can depend on the project and also the the time you would like to join for, generally prices start from around £250 ($500) for 2 weeks but longer term programs can also be joined. You will need to pay for flights.

The Bahamas is one of the most beautiful locations in the whole of the Caribbean, this is definitely a luxury voluntourism destination and prices are higher here but you will get more value in nearby countries. It can be difficult to volunteer for free or even find paid positions unless you are actually leading groups. If you are looking to experience this country on a budget try to avoid expensive restaurants in the hot spot touristy areas.

Most volunteering projects can be joined for 1-2 weeks but there are also longer term placements available depending on how much time you have spare.


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