Volunteer in the Amazon Rainforest

Search volunteer projects in the spectacular Amazon Rainforest in South America. There are lots of opportunities which include researching biodiversity, contributing to environmental programs and helping exotic animals. You will be inspired by the efforts being made to help protect the forest, nature and wildlife. 


Volunteering Programs in the Amazon Rainforest

How to Help the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest Volunteer Projects in Brazil

The Amazon is a huge area located in Brazil, Peru, Colombia and also in some smaller areas of  Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Venezuela.

A lot of volunteering programs are located deep in the Amazon, sometimes getting to projects can involved spectacular trips which include taking a motor boats, canoes and local transport which will be exciting especially if you have never seen anything like the Amazon before. 

Brazil and Peru are home to the largest sections of the Amazon rainforest. There are projects where you can help animals or work to protect nature and the environment. You join building, construction and maintenance programs in places like the Inca Trail. You will great to clean and excavate trails whilst also learning about Peruvian history.

In the Amazon region Indigenous people are facing many difficulties due to encroachment of their land and culture. You could also help sustainable living programs which are usually in remote areas helping local communities grow food, sanitize water and improve recycling efforts.

You could work to help these communities improve their situation and help protect their rights. No where in the world like the Amazon and you really can make a difference by applying to volunteer.


What to Expect

Volunteer Projects in Peruvian Amazon

Experience life in the lush rainforest here you can help rural communities and conservation efforts protecting nature, wildlife and the environment. You could be rescuing and rehabilitating exotic animals or working on research topics finding ways to raise awareness to save this huge area.

Sometimes Amazon conservation volunteer projects can be hard work and you might be living and working daily in hot / humid conditions so it is very important you stay hydrated and really listen and learn from local staff. Placements can be really hands on so take plenty of clothes with you don't mind getting dirty and be prepared for some long days and hard labour. 



Most organisations require people to be aged 17+ and be in good physical and mental health. Please research all programs before applying as you wil usually be living in remote locatations without the usual Western comforts. Most organisations will require a minimum time commitment due to training.


Cost & What is Included

Unlike a lot of other opportunities, there aren't really any free volunteering programs in this region. Usually you will need to pay a fee for a structured experience which includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Meals
  • Local guide
  • In-country support

The price you pay really depends on the program, duration and organisation.

If you would like to just visit the Amazon you should check out our South America group trips.


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