Thai Society for the Conservation of Wild Animals (TSCWA)

The TSCWA welcomes local and foreign volunteers and students but asks that their work or chosen areas of study and experience further our aims.

Our projects aim to improve the conservation of native wild animals, the welfare of captive wild animals confiscated through law enforcement, and other problematic animal issues in Thailand. We do this work by surveying protected forest areas and providing veterinary work, new enclosure construction, and enrichment for a wide range of native animals. Projects with domestic animals include stray dog control and welfare. The following information describes the activites we have pursued towards these efforts.

* Black Bear Reintroduction
* Wild Animal Quarantine Centre
* Stray Dogs Support
* Education Project
* Mae Hong Son Wild Animal Rescue
* Captive Wild Animal Support

The TSCWA welcomes assistance from foreign volunteers. Important to our projects are veterinarians, vet nurses, zoologists and biologists. Students are welcome but they should have some practical experiences with which to draw from.

Volunteers with a veterinary background are likely to assist with both wild animals and stray dogs. They and their travelling partner(s) are welcome for shorter periods and can use our accommodation as a base for further holidaying should they wish.

Biologists and zoologists will likely do fieldwork towards wildlife conservation and/or behavioural studies. This will require a longer stay of at least a couple of months as it will be important to create local relationships and better understand the environments where our projects operate.

We prefer volunteers who have some related experience but we also consider important an enthusiasm to better the lives of any type of animal and are happy to do so under a culturally different environment. By early 2009 the TSCWA has been assisted by more than 200 foreign volunteers from 15 countries, each staying for an average of 3 months.

Volunteers should be prepared to pay for their own transport to Bangkok, personal hygiene, food, and visa costs. The TSCWA supplies pleasant western-style living facilities and local transport as well as the medicines, tools, and equipment needed to undertake the various activities.

Please contact us if you are interested in assisting as a TSCWA volunteer, tell us a bit about yourself, and give a timeframe that would suit you. The work needs to be done so we try our best to accept all serious applicants.

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