Dentistry Volunteer Work Abroad

Keen to help people and communities by providing dental treatment and preventive care around the world? There are placements available to dentists and students to work at dental clinics, schools, orphanages and in remote villages in places like South America and Africa. If you are training to be a dentist or are just interested in helping then these programs will appeal to you. 


Dental Volunteer Programs

Find short and long term dentistry volunteer projects, electives, gap years & internships abroad for students, graduates and professionals.

Dentistry Volunteering Work Abroad

Apply to Join a Dental Volunteer Trip Overseas

If you are keen to volunteer abroad we list local and international organisations who offer safe and structured dental placements. You will get to travel to a new destination in the developing world and provide dental care to children and communities who do not have the facilities to get treatment. Dental volunteer programs are an amazing experience but please note work can be difficult and challenging, living and working conditions might be basic compared to Western standards but don't let this put you off. 


Where to Apply

There are a number of worldwide locations, we find most people apply for dental volunteer work in Africa although Asia and Latin America is also popular.


Dentistry Volunteer Programs for Students and Graduates

What to Expect

When on a medical volunteer program abroad these placements are a great learning experience, you will get to shadow experienced dentists and work alongside prosthodontics and orthodontists helping with treatments like maxillary carcinoma excision, extractions, gross pathologies, teeth grinding and abscesses. As a volunteer dentist you will be able to provide care and examinations whilst as a volunteer hygienists you can help educate local people and assist children with hygiene care. If you have no dental work experience don't worry, non-medical volunteers are also needed to help around the world. On most outreach projects there are teams of around 5 dentists, 3 hygienists and also around 10 general assistants - sometimes you might be helping literally hundreds of people every week, sometimes this can be exhausting but rewarding. 



Usually people aged 18+ apply but there are some special dental volunteer opportunities for high school students, some organisations arrange placements overseas which need to be booked in advance.


Dental Volunteer Missions in the Developing World

How to Apply

You can search our featured dental programs around the world and apply today. Arranging a dental placement overseas independently can be extremely difficult due to the nature of work and we highly recommend applying with a recognised international company - we have some listed on our website which offer safe and structured placements. Most organisations charge a fee to participate which includes group placements, transport, training, acommodation, meals and in-country support. There are some free and low cost dental volunteer opportunities available with international charities but you will need to be a skilled professional. 



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