Foundation Yo voy a Ti

Foundation Yo voy a Ti works with children and youths living on the street in Cochabamba.

The foundation currently have 5 projects, that have to goal to cotribute to get this group out of the street and re-intergrate them into society again. These projects are:

1. Football School

2. Micro Finance

3. Mobile School 

4. Urban missions

5. Mobile Clinic

You as a volunteer can work in any of these field projects, and can also work in the administartion, all depending on your wishes and skills.

The foundation "Yo voy a Ti" works with children and youths living on the street in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We in the organization have the goal to motivate and help people living on the street out of the street, and re-integrate them into the society again,  by using our 5 programs, 1. Mobile School 2. Mobile Clinic 3. Micro-finance 4.Football School 5. Urban Missions

We need volunteers, and you as a volunteer will have a good opertunity to develop personally and professionally. You will have a great cultural experince, and get many new friends.

Here are some testimonials of some of our previous volunteers.

Douglas Anuncaio, Brazil, 24 years old

“The experience I had when I lived in Cochabamba working with Yo voy a Ti for sure marked me for life and resulted in personal and professional development. The experience of teamwork in a culture with a different language for 2 months gave me confidence to face the challenges that I will have in the future. The work environment and the combination of true friendship, along with the serious and responsible social commitment allowed me to find my role in the society as an agent of social change”

Veerle Boon, The Netherlands, 21 years old

“My internship in Cochabamba was an unforgettable experience! I worked as a volunteer for  Yo voy a Ti during three months and learned a lot, both personally as professionally. It is fantastic to be able to contribute to the wonderful work the foundation does and to the impact it has on the lives of so many. I had the chance to gain work-experience in my field of study, work in a team, live in a totally different culture, learn a new language, meet many people who live on the street and make great new friends!

These months went by way to fast and I’ll always remember my time here in Bolivia! Thank you so much for letting me be part of this great organization!”

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