Useful Korean Phrases for Travelling in Korea

Useful Korean Phrases for Travelling in Korea

If you are planning trip to travel, work or study in South Korea for the first time it is highly recommended to pick up some of the basics of the language. You might be thinking, how as a tourist is it even possible as the language is so different? Well, it is more difficult than some languages but once you get into the rhythm you will be soon grasp some basic words and phrases.

This will really help you when arriving as the country will be a culture shock and not many people speak English. If you are keen to speak more than just the basics or would be keen to try to understand written Korean then view our guide to learning Korean in Korea. Or if you are worried about the language barrier affecting your trip view search South Korea tours.

Check out our essential phrases for travellers in South Korea below...



  • Hello - Annyeong-hasimnikka
  • Good morning - Annyeong hashimnikka
  • Good afternoon - Annyeong hashimnikka
  • Good evening - Annyeong hashimnikka
  • Good night - Annyeong-hi jumusipsio
  • Goodbye - Annyeong
  • I have to go now - Na jigeum gaya dwae
  • Have a nice day - Joeun haru dweseyo



  • Yes - Ne
  • No - Aniyo
  • Please - Butakamnida
  • Sorry - Mianhamnida
  • Thank you - Kamsahamnida



  • How are you? - Eotteohke jinaeseyo?
  • What's your name?- Ireumeun mueosip nikka?
  • My name is ... - Je ireum-eun ... 
  • Where do you come from? - Eodiseo osyeosseoyo
  • I'm from ... - Jeoneun ... 
  • Excuse me - Sillyehagessseubnida
  • Do you speak English? - Yung-uh hal su-eet-suh-yo?
  • I don’t speak Korean well - Hahn-guhk-mal jal moht-heh-yo
  • I don't know - Nado molla
  • I understand - Alasseo
  • I don't understand - Moreugesseumnida
  • Please speak more slowly - Cheoncheonhi malssuemhae juseyo
  • Please repeat that - Tashi hanbŏn malssŭmaejushigessŏyo
  • Please write it down - Cheogeo juseyo!



  • Do you have ()? - Eess-uh-yo ()?
  • How much is this? - Ige eolmayeyo
  • Where's the toilet? - Hwajangsiri eodiyeyo



  • Left - Oen-jjok
  • Right - Oh-reun-jjok
  • Straight - Jik-jjin
  • I’m lost - Gil-eul ilh-uht-suh-yo
  • Do you know where () is? - () uh-di-eehn-ji ah-seh-yo?
  • Please take me to () - Ih-roh gah-ju-seh-yo ()


Food & Eating Out

  • Menu - Meh-nyu  
  • Enjoy your meal - Jal meokkesseumnida
  • Bill, please - Keh-san-suh ju-seh-yo
  • Do you accept credit cards? - Kah-deu bat-euh-seh-yo?


Days of the Week

  • Monday -Wur-yoil
  • Tuesday - Hwa-yoil
  • Wednesday - Soo-yoil
  • Thursday - Mog-yoil
  • Friday - Geum-yoil
  • ​Saturday - To-yoil
  • Sunday - Ee-ryoil



  • Help - Doh-oah-ju-seh-yo
  • Police - Kyung-chal
  • Hospital - Byung-uon


Keen to visit South Korea? View ideas for your trip below:


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