English Opens Doors (EOD)

United Nations Development Program and the Chilean Ministry of Education, English Opens Doors (EOD) seeks highly motivated individuals to work as English teaching assistants in public and semi-private schools throughout Chile.

The English Opens Doors Program is supported by the Chilean Ministry of Education and the United Nations Development Programme – Chile. The Program works to improve English-language education throughout the Chilean public school system by providing teacher training, instructional materials, language competitions, English immersion camps, and study abroad scholarships for university students.

The National Volunteer Center recruits native English speakers to come to Chile and work as teaching assistants in Chilean classrooms. Volunteers teach and encourage the study of English while living with Chilean host families and interacting with members of the local community. Since 2004, 1,294 volunteers have participated in the National Volunteer Center’s full-time volunteer service initiatives.

Volunteers participating in the English Opens Doors Program receive the following: home-stay with a Chilean family, meals, health insurance, TEFL training, access to an online Spanish course and a participation bonus of 60,000CLP for each month of completed service. The Program does not charge volunteers a fee for participation.

We are currently looking for qualified individuals who might be interested in coming to Chile to participate in one of our Volunteer Service Initiatives. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. We sincerely appreciate your time, consideration, and support.

Costs / Pay

Free / 60,000 CLP for every month of completed service

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