Gap Year, Backpacking & Travelling in Chile

Chile is located on the West coast of South America with over 2,500 miles of scenic coastline. Chile is a popular country to visit on a gap year in South America and there is a lot to see and do here, places we recommend visiting include the huge Atacama desert in the North, Strait of Magellan and Patagonia in the South. The scenery, coast, Andes, sand dunes and glaciers will live long in the memory and with One World 365 you can experience the best locations in the country. 


Chile Travel Guide

Chile Travel Guide

  • Population - 17,250,000 (approx)
  • Capital - Santiago (population 6,000,000 approx)
  • Currency - Chilean Peso (CLP)
  • Language - Spanish
  • International Dialing Code +56
  • Area - 756,000 km2




Map of Chile


Highights of Chile

  • Check out the spectacular landscape in San Pedro de Atacama where you can see ruins or go sandboarding
  • Go skiing in the Andes which is home to some excellent ski resorts and slopes with stunning views
  • Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Easter Island and get pictures of the Moi'an statues
  • Climb Mount Villarrica which is an active volcano
  • Wander around the capital of Chile - Santiago


Gap Year in Chile

By plannng a gap year to Chile you will get to experience the culture and spirt of Latin America, along with beaches, spectacular coastline, nature, wildlife, glaciers, bright blue ocean, scenic road routes and gorgeous landscapes. This is one of the most diverse countries on earth. It boasts incredible cities and towns and fine cuisine. Whether you’re a student, graduate or just looking to do something different, explore famous sights or just lap up the beach life, we list gap year trips in Chile to give you lots of options. View our guide to taking a gap year in Chile below.

Most flights arrive into Santiago which has a hive of activity both throughout the day and night. If you would like to visit somewhere unique the Southern most city in the world is located in Chile or explore the remote Patagonia. We highly recommend you visit the mysterious Easter Island or travel to the world's driest desert - the Atacama. Most Nationalities are granted a tourist visa on arrival in Chile if you have a valid passport, occassionaly and very rarely you might be asked for proof of an outbound ticket. Chile is quite a small country in comparison with others in South America but this doesn't mean there are any less things to do and places you need to visit. We list tour operators who offer adventure overland tours to various destinations, you could travel throughout this continent or just visit a certain place like Easter Island for example. Public transport is very good / cheap in Chile but the distances are usually long / uncomfortable.



Chile Gap Year FAQ

  • Eligibility: Usually you will need to be aged 18+ but there are shorter taster summer trips available for 16 and 17 year olds.
  • Language: A basic level of Spanish can sometimes be required 
  • Dates: Start dates are usually weekly and you can join every month throughout the year. You usually need to commit a minimum of 2 weeks time to join, this can be extended though
  • Accommodation: There are lots of hotels, hostels and guest houses in Chile, if you book a gap year through our website accommodation is usually provided where you will stay in a house with other internationals. Cultural homestays are also an option where you can live with a local family and teach them English at the same time
  • Cost: Prices vary, please enquire for more information