What We Offer:

  • A program exclusively designed for Native English speakers 
  • Volunteer Spanish host families 
  • Local public or private High School placements 
  • Placements arranged all over Spain 
  • Personal orientation by the local coordinator on arrival 
  • Monthly reports from the local coordinator 
  • Credited and non credited programs available

Our education advisors will provide full support and guidance during the application process and in the transcript certification at the end of the program. However we are not responsible for completing the procedure and certification fees are not included in the price.


Program Highlights

  • Unique Immersion Experience: Students will be living with a warm and welcoming Spanish host family while assisting to school like any other local student.
  • Guardianship and Support 24/7: Students will receive full support from the host family, the local coordinator and our professional team.
  • Free online Spanish preparation course: We provide  you with a free e-learning platform for you to start practicing your Spanish before your arrival.
  • Credited program: Based on your academic performance you will have the opportunity of receiving transcripts at the end of the program ( restrictions may apply please contact our professionals for further information).
  • Competitive price: Our accessible price will open you the door to embark an unforgettable academic experience in Spain.