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Find TEFL jobs in Chile and get paid to teach English in this spectacular country. Most English teachers work in places like Santiago but there are jobs available throughout the country. South America is a facsinating continent to travel and see more, living and working in Chile is highly recommended. English teachers are in big demand.


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TEFL Jobs in Chile

Chile is an attractive country to teach in, Santiago is a a mix of old and new with colonial-era architecture but there are also modern shopping streets. Santiago is Chile’s economic center and it also has a high population and this means you will find most jobs here. Most companies will expect you to pay for flights and accommodation, it is vary rare to get a job offer which includes this. If you are thinking about teaching English in South America choosing Chile will be a great choice!

In 2003 a free trade agreement was made with the USA and this has made it easier for US nationals to live and work in Chile. Working as a paid English teacher in Chile is an amazing chance to live abroad and possibly improve your Spanish skills. One of the best things about teaching abroad in Chile is you will get the chance to travel and explore in this incredible country. If you enjoy activities like mountain-climbing or skiing you will love Chile but there are also other activites for just about everyone to enjoy. 


How to Find Teaching Jobs in Chile

Teach English in Chile

English teach work can be found in lots of locations like Santiago (as seen in the picture above), this is a great city to enjoy the culture and atmosphere of this country. Other places you can find teaching work include Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, Valdivia, Puerto Montt and Concepcion - literally throughout this country you can work as a teacher.



A BA/BS is not required but most recruiters will requre you to have a respected TEFL TESOL certification. If you are not yet certified you might want to view our TEFL courses in Chile.


Average Working Week

You will usually find yourself teaching Monday to Friday around 25 hours. In your spare time you might want to travel and see spectacular Patagonia or Easter Island. Most language schools cater for business professionals and people seeking to improve their career prospects, you can expect local Chilean people to be very welcoming.


Peak Hiring Season

Most teachers are recruited during February and March although some jobs can be applied for all year round. You could work at public schools, language centres and international schools. You could also lead private classes full or part time.


Salary for Teaching in Chile

When working as an English teacher in Chile you can expect to make around £400 (US$750) per month but this can vary. If you have a degree, TEFL qualification and also speak Spanish you will be able to earn more. We highly recommend you book a Spanish language course in Chile - this will greatly improve your job prospects.


Cost of Living 

When you take into consideration rent, food, transport and going out you can expect to have around £400 (US$700) (400,000 CLP) of costs per month. It is possible do live more on a lower budget when teaching in Chile, you could shop for food at local markets or avoid drinking and eating out a lot.


Help / Advice

If you need any help arranging a teaching jobs in Chile please get in touch.


Reviews & Testimonials

If you have ever taught in Chile and would like to write about your experience, review an agency or share any recommendations please contact us.

'I am teaching in 2 schools, one is a primary school and the other secondary. I absolutely love my classes with the little ones; whenever they see me they shout ´tia!´ or 'aunty!' They are so energetic and constantly tire me out, but they are a joy to work with.' - Ceri Broussine, TEFL teacher in Chile


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