Blue Temple Conservation

A brand new Marine Research Conservation and Community focused organisation dedicated to creating sustainable relationships between man and nature. Working alongside the local villagers to conduct globally important research in marine environmental issues.

Blue Temple Conservation is a new organisation, with a focus on research and community outreach. Working alongside our partner Ecoteer, we have set up a new Marine Research station on the paradise islands of the Perhentians in Malaysia. Based in the village, we are surrounded by the Malay culture and friendly people, the island themselves are surrounded by stunningly clear tropical waters teeming with a variety of different species. All within a state sanctioned Marine Park. 

The islands are a massive tourist hotspot, with thousands of backpackers, holiday-makers and wanderers arriving on the islands every years to experience the fantastic waters, jungle-covered islands and beach bar life. This high nmber of visitors is starting to takes it's toll on the coral reef ecosystems and water quality around the islands. 

One girl who has visited the islands twice over a period of 5 years was shocked at the degeneration of the reef systems on the islands. With this in mind, and the reliance on tourism for life on the islands. Blue Temple and Ecoteer are researching coral reef health with an aim to bring on board the locals to help raise awareness of the importance of the reef system and the damage being done with an overall aim of creating stakeholder led recuperation zones.

Two PhD studies are being conducted as a part of the project, one focused on Turtles, movement and interactions, the other focusing on the awareness and behaviour of scuba-divers and snorkelers within the marine environment. 

We rely on volunteers and donations to keep our project afloat and providing useful data. All volunteers will be trained up to the relevant level of scuba-diving to help conduct our daily research dives and be immersed in the Malaysian culture, eating at local peoples houses and visiting local restaurants and joining in with the daily sports clubs. 

Our surveys will be conducted daily, and focus on reef health, key species identification and population distribution, artificial reef success and water quality. All with a view to make changes on the islands to improve the long term sustainability.

Volunteers will be involved with everyday activities and get to participate in anyway they choose!

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