Volunteer with Whales

Find whale conservation volunteer projects on our website. In Africa you can find whale conservation programs where you can volunteer with whales and make a real difference. There are opportunities worldwide with popular destinations being Mexico and South Africa you can volunteer with O.R.C.A. whales and marine programs by joining established ocean research teams. 


Volunteer with Whales

Guide to Volunteering with Whales Abroad

You will get up close and personal to marine life on whale and marine conservation volunteer projects. By participating on volunteer projects with whales you will demonstrate you are passionate about wildlife conservation which might look great on your CV. In your spare time you could go diving with whales and dolphins or join wildlife watching boat trips. You can also join whale rescue and rehabilitation trips, these trips are great for students seeking work experience in the marine conservation field. 

Whale conservations programs can include helping with research surveys by interviewing local people and fishermen, sampling, tagging, monitoring and dissection of fish species. You can also help educate local people about whales and organise marine and coastal awareness campaigns. When volunteering on marine based programs you should be able to enjoy adventure sports in your spare time, maybe learning to scuba dive or going sea kayaking.



Popular Destinations



Whale Shark Research and Conservation Programs

Activities Include

  • Monitoring the dolphins for various research purposes (i.e. behaviour, feeding, daily habits, reaction to humans, numbers, photos of dolphin pods)
  • Monitoring tourist numbers (to get daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal figures)
  • Research and monitoring of whales during whale season
  • Research and monitoring of coral reefs
  • Research on women coastal activities such as bivalve collection, coconut husk burying and rope making and seaweed farming
  • Monitoring of curio shell collection 
  • Assisting research students with their research
  • Working with local tour guides
  • Help develop and maintain a local resource centre with information on whales and other types of fish; the local marine eco-system and local marine conservation. This resource centre is for tourists, schools around the island, locals and future volunteers
  • Working hours usually:, Monday - Friday , 6 am - 5 pm



Structured Programs

Some organisations offer structured packages to international volunteers:

What is Usually Included

  • Accommodation: Shared same sex rooms in a beach bungalow. 
  • Food: 3 meals per day, excluding Wednesday’s when you will eat out
  • Weekly laundry service
  • Airport/ferry pick up and drop off
  • Training: Pre-departure information pack, on-site orientation & project induction provided
  • Support: 24 hour support from on-site coordinator
  • Activities: Staff help organise weekend activities. (Activity price may be extra) Trips include: Diving/snorkelling, Jozani Forest trip to see the red-colobus monkeys & safari on mainland Tanzania


What is Usually Not Included

  • Flights / transfers to Zanzibar Island
  • Insurance
  • Visas 


To find paid work with whales you will usually need to be a professional looking for a career in marine biology. You can also find programs where you can volunteer with sharks or volunteer with dolphins. You will get to help contribute to marine biology research and help protect whales from extinction. Please e-mail us for advice or search all of our volunteer programs with animals.