For over twenty five years, AuPairCare has supported young people who wish to become an au pair in the United States. 

Not only will we match you with a welcoming family and take care of your flights to and from the U.S., but when you become an AuPairCare au pair, you'll receive a stipend, room and board, spend time with children and have plenty of vacation time to explore America with your new friends. 

AuPairCare is the premier U.S. provider of au pairs. In 1989, AuPairCare became one of the first agencies designated by the U.S. Department of State to legally sponsor au pairs to come to the United States. Since then, we've made more than 30,000 successful au pair placements across the U.S.

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AuPairCare Reviews

What a time

Au Pair Care have been amazing and I'm loving my time in America.

By: Felicity
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 22


I was an au-pair in 1996/1997. A great, fun and exiting adventure that gave me memories for a lifetime

By: Sara
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 41

An amazing experience

Aupaircare always been perfect with me. Since the first day when they gave me a lot of informations about the program until now whenever I need help.

The training school was such a fun and interesting at the same time. I really enjoyed my three days in NYC.
This adventure taught me a lot, and even if being aupair is not always easy, I recommend it and specially with aupaircare that is one of the biggest and cheapest agencies.

Nationality: French
Age: 21

AuPair in Connecticut

I was an AuPair in 2010/11 in Connecticut and it was one of the best experiences I have ever made! I arrived as a quiet and shy 20year old girl and gained so much self-confidence in both working with children and personal. My hostfamily was great and the kids super cute and even though they were not always super easy I would not want to miss one experience ! I can definitely recommend becoming an AuPair and that's why I am going to do this a second time, but this time in Australia.
Oh, and sometimes it is worth a wait...I had like 20 families in my list (of which not every family contacted me) and was nearly clicking the "cancel"-button, when my actual hostfamily wrote 😊

By: Romina
Nationality: German
Age: 28

Aupair Ohio

I’m really happy being wirh AuPairCare in the USA. The trainings school was really good organized and I had a fun time. I’m living in Ohio and my area director answers me directly when I need her. She organizes good aupair meetings like: lazer tag, skating park, self defense class at a police station, pool party,..
I had to go one time to an ear doctor and the insurance covered the whole appointment.

By: Vanessa
Nationality: German
Age: 20

Great experience!

Since the beginning the agency helped me a lot! I came to be an au pair 4 months ago and I just have good things to say about APC. For me, was the best choice!

By: Ana Clara Araujo
Nationality: Brasileira
Age: 26

No one said it would be easy. But they all said it would be worth it!

Choosing to become an aupair was the best experience in my life so far. I have been living in Austin, TX where the sun shines almost all year and I take care of two adorable boys. I’ve been here only for three months and I love it already. My host family and AuPairCare have been nothing but supporting. Agency provides all the important informations prior to your departure, and helps you find the perfect match. The process is simple, and you have support from your local team member. Once you arrive at the USA you have a three-day training at the academy in New York, where you get useful information about everything that is there to know (from driving, currency, childcare information, travel month…). Once living with the host family, you have an Area director, who check up on you, talks to your family, arrange monthly meetups with other aupairs, and take care that you are adapting and feeling well.
Even though I have been here for only short amont of time I have already grown on so many levels and meet so many new and amazing people. And if you are thinking about becoming an aupair, AuPairCare is really the right agency for that.

By: Tjaša
Nationality: Slovenian
Age: 26

Amazing experience in NY

Choosing to become an AuPair has being the best thing I’ve ever done.
I can completely say that this is an experience that would change your life from the beginning.
Im living with a family in Merrick, New York, and everything is amazing.
I take care of 3 kids that are the most amazing kids in the world. My host parents aren’t just like the people I work for, they’re my friends. I live just at 45 minutes from the city which makes it really exciting, I can go every weekend and visit all the tourists places.
I have to admit that AuPairCare it’s being with me throughout the whole process, and it’s being always trying to make sure that I have the most amazing year of my life.

By: Karen del Rio
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 21

Au Pair Care Review of New York & Florida

I have been working as an au pair for 17 months now and I am super happy. First I was an au pair on Long Island in New York - my area director there was incredibly amazing. She was always helpful and there for any au pairs 24/7!!

I changed host families for my second year due the fact that my old host family had no more need for an au pair so I moved to Florida. My host family here are amazing and I will stay until April 2018.

Going to the United States with AuPairCare was the best decision I could’ve made. The members of the organization were very helpful in Germany as well as in the States.

By: Jana
Nationality: German
Age: 21

Best experience ever

I am au for almost one year in North Carolina and I can say that I am living one of the best experiences of my life! AuPairCare it’s a great agency and have been helping me with all my doubt :)

By: Juliany
Nationality: Brazil
Age: 25

The best experience ever

I had all support that I needed from AuPairCare when I arrived in United States in 2016. I was insecure for staring a new page of my life, but the AuPairCare time gave me the confidence that I needed to believe in my choice. My Au Pair experience couldn’t be better. I live with an amazing host family that really treats me as a part of family. I take care of two creative, smart, funny, and lovely girls. I live in Seattle, a city on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. I love everything here: The way the people wave to you on traffic telling “thank you” for a kind act that you did; Or how the attendants are always smiling and being friendly; Or yet how the sky seems bluer on sunny days. As an Au Pair, I had the opportunity to visit New York, Washington DC, San Diego, Hawaii, Orlando, Portland, and some cities located in Washington state. It’s a short list if you compare with others Au Pairs. But it’s much more than I could one day image to explore. Well, I guess this is all I have to say. If you are ready to become an Au Pair: Go ahead, and be prepared to learn, to meet new people, to travel, and to live great moments to keep forever.

By: Ellyka Gomes
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 26

Awesome Agency!

I’ve been an aupair in Los Angeles, California for 5 months now and I enjoy it so much that I already decided that I will extend for another 12 months! What I really value about this agency is how prepared and helpful they are. You start your adventure with a three day stay in New York where you‘ll meet Aupairs from all over the world who will live all over the US, that way you‘re already starting your year with new friends and don‘t feel so alone in this big, foreign country. If you have trouble with your host family or adapting, you can always talk to your Area Director.
It’s a great agency and I would definitely recommend coming to the US with AuPairCare if you’re thinking about becoming an Aupair!

By: Anna
Nationality: German
Age: 19

Best host family and most beautiful city

I can’t say anything bad about my experiences with AuPairCare! They supported me very well in Germany - 2 years ago. I live in Charleston, South Carolina and I can highly recommend to visit it. It’s the most beautiful city in America 2016 and 2017!!!
I’ve been an au pair since August 2016 and extended for 9 more months. So I still have about 6 more months and I’m more than happy that I did it. My host family included me in everything and they also arranged it that I could spent some of my vacation days in Germany with my family bc of the extension. I used to take care of 2 kids but then my host mom got pregnant and they were so great when they told me. So now I’m taking care of 3 kids and they’re listening very well for kids. And AuPairCare supported me with a lot of things! The only thing what wasn’t as good as I thought it’s gonna be was that I had a lot of area director changes. But besides of this everything was just amazing. Happy holidays and best wishes to y’all !

By: Miriam
Nationality: German
Age: 22

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