We offer various different programs here in Costa Rica –Sea turtle Conservation programs, on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the country. The Asociación de Voluntarios para el Servicio en Areas Protegidas (ASVO) signed an agreement , which is still valid, with the Ministry of the environment, energy and technology (MINAET), who are the authority responsible for the management  of Costa Rica’s rich biological resources.

Volunteer work supports investigation, education and conservation of the environment, with social commitment;  establishing strategic alliances with non governmental and governmental agencies for the fulfillment of its goals.

We have 3 established projects, staffed by local people that work tirelessly during nesting season to protect the nests of endangered species. With the help of constructed “hatcheries”, we are then able to protect the fragile eggs until they hatch, releasing the future generations of turtles back into the ocean.

Included in the volunteer fee, is accommodation – in basic and rustic structures – and 3 Costa Rican meals a day. Also included is the experience of a lifetime, being an integral part of a team dedicated to protecting our natural resources.