Key questions

Costa Rica often gets media coverage for its efforts in environmental conservation and clean energy. But what do these successes look like in communities? What are the ongoing challenges in sustainable development? How do environmental initiatives align with social and economic development?
Sustainable Action Costa Rica combines a dive into questions like these with a fun and active week among peers in one of the most beautiful and biodiverse countries in the world. You’ll travel from Alajuela to Puerto Viejo and Bri Bri, exploring how local NGOs and communities are tackling challenges of environmental and social sustainability. Along the way you’ll have the chance to bike at the beach, swim in a waterfall, zipline, and spot local wildlife!

Exploring Sustainable Development

This program offers immersive engagement with global development issues that animate our world, from a local perspective. Each day, we’ll dive into topics of sustainable development in Costa Rica. We’ll visit local organizations to gain insight into major social and environmental challenges in the country, and innovative solutions such as eco-agricultural initiatives and animal rescues.

Group Discussion

Prior to the program an online meet-and-greet will offer the chance to break the ice with your fellow travelers.
During the program reflection and discussion will be key to making sense of it all and making connections to our lives back home. Guided by your experienced group leader, we’ll take time each day to process daily experiences through discussion and activities.

Outdoor Activities

Along the way, we’ll stay active by biking at the beach, hiking in nearby rainforests, swimming at a waterfall, ziplining, and more.
Come prepared for an active program, both mentally and physically!