Amigos de las Americas

Are you interested in stretching yourself, gaining valuable leadership and project management skills, and having the adventure of a lifetime this summer?

AMIGOS provides opportunities for young people to experience a meaningful cultural exchange in Latin America while living with community members and working together on sustainable health, construction, and environmental projects.

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Amigos de las Americas Reviews

AMIGOS de las Americas experience

I first met Amigos de las Americas in 2015, and since then, I must share that it has forever shaped my world and contributed to my growth (personal and professionally speaking). AMIGOS allowed me to become a national volunteer in my home country in 2015 where I worked side by side with local community members and international volunteers. Together we helped build and envision a better future for those who opened not only their culture and homes to us, but to those who like us, believed in the ideas of youth for postive changes in our communities (growth, development, social change, team work, empowerment, and long lasting relationships without prejudices and barriers). I would say experiences say more than words, and I'm happy to be an AMIGO. "Once an AMIGO, always an AMIGO".

By: Cesar
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 24

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