Learn Spanish in El Salvador

Learning Spanish in El Salvador is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an authetic experience in and up and coming country. You will learn about the local culture, mix with local people and improve your language skills. There are lots of different Spanish courses available, so whether you are a complete beginner or already have a base knowledge you will be able to find a language course and course to match your needs. You can find Spanish language schools throughout the country in places like El Zunzal, La Libertad, San Miguel, San Salvador and Santa Ana. View our guide to Spanish language courses in El Salvador today. 


Spanish Language Courses in El Salvador

Find language classes from the best Spanish language schools in El Salvador.


Guide to Learning Spanish in El Salvador

Don't be put off by crime, this country is safe, local people are very friendly and will be happy to chat or answer any questions Despite being the smallest country in the Americas, El Salvador has a range of options and things to keep you busy in your spare time. You could go surfing, explore forests, go hiking or just kick back and soak up the local atmosphere. More and more people are choosing to learn Spanish in El Salvador, and you should consider this country too.



Best Places to Study Spanish in El Salvador

  • El Zunzal
  • La Libertad
  • San Miguel
  • San Salvador
  • Santa Ana



Top Reasons to Choose El Salvador

  • Less touristy than nearby destinations like Mexico and Costa Rica
  • You can find very cheap Spanish courses in El Salvador
  • Beautiful beaches and coast
  • Choose from cities or relaxing beachside locations



Recommended Spanish Language Schools in El Salvador

  • Salvaspan
  • The Mélida Anaya Montes Spanish School 
  • Pajaro Flor Spanish School



El Salvador Spanish School Reviews

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