Our primary goal is to develop a method of language learning which allows children to listen, to speak, to read, and to write in English without having to translate from their native language. We do this first by introducing an immersion style of learning where only English is permitted inside the classroom. 

In order to create a true immersion classroom environment, EECE schools hire teachers whose native language is English to teach the students. These teachers are there to not only provide a means for Asian students to learn English, but they also provide a channel for the students to understand different western cultures.

American Eagle’s Asia-Pacific Headquarters was founded in 1999 by Stephanie Sun, CEO, and Elsa Wey, President, in what was considered the Silicon Valley of Taiwan - HsinChu Science Park. The company, Eagle Educational & Cultural Enterprises, Ltd. (EECE) was established with the vision of improving Taiwan’s English education to increase the competitive advantage of Taiwanese students in the global world.

Shortly after the establishment of EECE, a partnership with McGraw-Hill, a renowned American publishing company, was established to uphold its promise in providing quality English curriculum. Eagle’s commitment and dedication to continuously improving its curriculum has led to being described by the Taiwanese media as the “TSMC of English Education”.


Teaching Jobs

We recruit foreign teachers to work at our school. To apply for the position, send an email to us with a brief cover letter, your resume in word format, and your diploma copy, and a recent photo, each in jpg format.