Teaching business related English is a rapidly expanding area of the TEFL/TESOL market. Globalization of worldwide industry means that employees of international and multi-national companies are increasingly required to converse to a high level in English, regardless of what their native language may be. 

Language teachers are often concerned that they cannot teach business English because they do not know a great deal about the business world, however, this is generally not true as the majority of language skills your students will require are the same as any other English language learner. This course aims to show you how to develop a curriculum for your business English clients, from first meetings, to final assessment. Once you have successfully completed the course you will find that your skills, knowledge and job prospects will all be enhanced.


CTBE Target Group

  • This course is designed for those who are already TEFL/TESOL or equivalent certified
  • This course is designed for teachers who are currently working or intend to work within the field of business English
  • No previous experience or training in business education is required to complete this course


CTBE Course Units

  • Unit 1: Course Introduction
  • Unit 2: Teaching and Learning
  • Unit 3: Course Development
  • Unit 4: Materials
  • Unit 5: Teaching Themes
  • Unit 6: The business English world

The structure of this course follows the same basic principles as our main 60-hour and 120-hour TEFL courses. Once you feel you have fully absorbed the information in each unit, your understanding of the materials will be evaluated before you move on to study the following unit.

You will be given up to six months to complete all parts of the course, and within this time frame you can work at whatever pace you feel comfortable with. Upon successful completion of all the course units, you will receive your online Certificate in Teaching Business English.


CTBE Course Aims

Upon successfully completing the Certificate in Teaching Business English, course graduates should be able to:

  • Discuss and evaluate the process of teaching business English using industry standard terminology
  • Create a curriculum based on an assessment of their learners’ needs
  • Have real-world ideas for creating individual lessons that are tailored to the students’ requirements, while also having clear ideas on how to execute the lessons to a wide spectrum of target groups
  • Locate and create suitable materials for teaching business English
  • Develop assessment procedures for before, during and after the course
  • Understand the role of a business English teacher in a wide variety of scenarios
  • Identify and pursue further opportunities for career development