Taiwan Travel Guide

Taiwan is located on an island off the southeast coast of China which has beautiful coastlines, modern cities, tasty local cuisine, street markets and visit world-class shopping centers. You will get to experience world class destinations like the city of Taipei which is a mix of new and old. Visiting Thaiwan will be a totally different experience where you can experience high living standards in a different culture. 


Things to Do, Travel Packages & Holidays in Taiwan

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Taiwan Travel Guide

Taiwan Destination Guide

  • Capital: Taipei
  • Currency: New Taiwan dollar (TWD)
  • Country Size: 35,980km²
  • Population: 23,355,000 (approx)
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese (official), Taiwanese, Hakka



Top Reasons to Visit Taiwan 

  • Experience life in the Far East and learn more about a different culture
  • Try new foods
  • See a sky lantern festival
  • Explore Taipei - one of the most modern and interesting cities in Asia



Best Places to See in Taiwan 

  • Taipei
  • Taroko National Park
  • Gold Ecological Park
  • Golden Waterfall 
  • Yin Yang Sea
  • Mountain KeeLung 
  • Long Shan Temple 
  • Shi Fen Waterfall
  • Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
  • Penghu Islands
  • Yangming Mountain 
  • Kenting National Park
  • Alishan National Scenic Area




  • Foundation Day/New Year’s Day 


  • Chinese New Year 
  • Qingshui Zushi’s Birthday 
  • Jade Emperor’s Birthday 
  • Lantern Festival 
  • Peace Memorial Day 
  • Wenchang Dijun’s Birthday 
  • Mayasvi Festival 


  • Guanyin’s Birthday 
  • Youth Day 
  • Queen Mother of the West’s Birthday 
  • Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven’s Birthday 
  • Tomb Sweeping Day 
  • Baosheng Dadi’s Birthday 


  • Bunun Ear-shooting Festival 
  • Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage 
  • Mazu’s Birthday 
  • Labour Day May 
  • Cleansing Buddha Festival 
  • Tainan City God Birthday 
  • Dragon Boat Festival 
  • Taipei City God Birthday 


  • Guan Di’s Birthday 
  • Yimin Festival 
  • Ami Harvest Festival 


  • Ghost Month Begins
  • Ghost Festival 
  • Thao Pestle Music Festival 
  • Armed Forces Day 
  • Teachers’ Day/Confucius’s Birthday 
  • Mid-Autumn Festival 
  • Double Ninth Day 


  • Hualien Stone Sculpture Festival 
  • Sanyi Woodcarving Festival 
  • National Day 
  • Retrocession Day


  • Austronesian Culture Festival International 
  • Rukai Black Rice Festival 
  • Ritual of the Short Black People 
  • Birth of Bodhidharma 
  • Sun Yat-sen’s Birthday 
  • Qingshan’s Birthday 


  • Puyuma Ear-shooting 
  • Constitution Day 



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