Our Portuguese classes in Sao Paulo are customized, and specially designed to meet students' goals and needs, which are carefully assessed at a personal interview and serve as a basis for their tailor-made program. 

We have extensive experience in developing customized programs for speakers of a wide range of languages, mainly English and Spanish.



We adopt the communicative approach, which focuses on the use of Portuguese in real-life situations. Interactive class activities encourage oral communication and self-expression. Grammar and vocabulary are always taught in context, and our students are encouraged to use the forms and functions presented in class in meaningful ways.


Class Formats

Our Portuguese programs are mainly available as one-on-one classes. However, small groups of students with the same proficiency in Portuguese can be also arranged. The minimum course load is three hours per week, two 90-minute classes.


Class Days and Times

Our classes normally start between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, but we can offer weekend classes in special cases. Students can choose the class days and times that best meet their schedule. However, whether or not we will be able to fulfill their choice will depend on teacher availability.


Immersion Programs

Immersion programs consist of four or more class/hours a day with the participation of more than one teacher. Lunch with a teacher can also be included as a means to practice informal conversation.


Class Venue

Students can have in-company classes or classes at any of the Alumni branches, located in: Vila Nova Conceição: R. Afonso Braz, 518 Morumbi: R. George Eastman, 98 Jardins: R. Padre João Manuel, 319 Chácara Santo Antônio: R. Alexandre Dumas, 2.220


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