Learn Portuguese in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a very popular city to learn Portuguese, thousands of international students learn Portuguese in this city every year, many for personal or business development reasons. There are high quality and personalized Portuguese language courses available for foreigners which can be booked all year round. All teachers are usually native speakers, university graduates and have lots of experience helping internationals learn the Brazilian Portuguese language. 


Learn Portuguese in Sao Paulo

Recommended Portuguese Language Schools in Sao Paulo

  • Fast Forward Institute, Alameda Lorena, São Paulo
  • Its Cool IdiomasIperoig Street, São Paulo 
  • Alumni, operates several schools throughout São Paulo
  • Berlitz International Inc., has a number of language schools in São Paulo and the surrounded cities in São Paulo state
  • CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange), offers Portuguese language courses at university level and student exchange programs at universities in São Paulo



Location of Language Schools

Schools in Sao Paulo are located throughout the city, a lot are in the upmarket Jardins neighborhood which is close to Avenida Paulista - similar to 5th Avenue in New York City. There are tree-lined streets and lots of cafes, bars, restaurants and parks nearby.



Class Sizes

Most language schools offer small classes with an average of 5-8 students. 



Age of Students

Usually students aged 18 - 35 participate but students from the ages 17 to 65 also attend schools throughout the year 




You could book a language course which includes accommodation in the price. Options include shared accommodation, private or a home stay. All families are carefully screened and visited to ensure that the accommodations are suitable for international students. Distances to school vary from 10 to 60 minutes by walking or public transportation.



Best Time to Study Portuguese in São Paulo

São Paulo or if you prefer ‘A Cidade da Garoa’ (The City of Drizzle), a nickname Paulistas (those who are born in the state of SP) use to affectionately refer to a city that goes, very often, from a tropical weather in the morning to unexpected cold and drizzle by the end of the afternoon. The summer in São Paulo can be really hot, wet and humid. The winter, on the other hand, can be quite chilly and dry. We recommend visiting the city in summer because you can also hit the road and go to the seaside of São Paulo (about an hour away) or spring and autumn when the weather is usually mild. The truth is that regardless of when you decide to learn Portuguese in São Paulo sometimes you can experience four seasons in a day.



Top Tips

When out and about you might want to scape from the endless traffic jams that can strecht over hundreds of kilometres in rush hours. The tip is - the megalopolis won’t lose its charm if you plan yourself ahead to avoid getting stuck in traffic or crushed on a packed-out tube or train. Check the best routes, go for a meal, visit a museum or do any other activity that doesn’t involve commuting between 5-7ish and you’ll be fine.



Portuguese Language Courses in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Language Course/School Reviews

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