Dive Holiday Cape Town

Going to Cape Town? Would you like to dive when you are there? Let us assist you with travel arrangements from accommodation to diving. Our partner company 2KO International has an International training centre offering all sorts of career training.


Dive Holiday Mozambique

Mozambique offers one of the cheapest and most brilliant scuba diving holidays in the world. The waters are warm and the amount of fish and coral is breathtaking. Reefs stretch for miles and there will be few opportunities to find dive sites that compete elsewhere in the world.


Scuba Diving Tours

Have a look at some of our established scuba diving tours opposite; but should you want to create your own scuba dive adventure then please let us know, and let us help! If you are into free diving we can also assist.

Most of the scuba tours opposite are aimed at a ten to twenty day duration, however, we are very happy to put together a tour that will satisfy not only your time requirements but also family members and non divers!

Dive tours are arranged and conducted by Adam Cruise. Adam ran the Dive Shop in Sandton City for almost 10 years, and has years of experience in what divers want and the standards that need to be upheld. Adam has also been involved as a part time film-maker for National Geographic over the past few years, with a keen eye for the special and the unusual.

Africa Diver offers specialty tours such as Manta Ray tours, Wreck Dive Tours, Shark tours and a host of other unusual tours. Then again, with the beauty of Cape Town's hidden treasures, there are so many divers who wish to simply explore the wealth of kelp forests and other natural phenomena that there is more than enough variety for even the most hardened diver.

We can also arrange some great white shark diving in Gansbaai Cape Town, in or out of a cage and also if you would like to do a shark or fish dive in the Cape Town aquarium we will be happy to arrange it for you.